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Lucy Wilde is a rookie agent in DreamWorks’ Despicable Me series. Besides being a charming spy, she is a deadly fighter as well.

Despite being tasked with hunting down villains, Lucy has a loving relationship with Felonius Gru.

She has an amazing personality and is incredibly attractive. With the different fighting styles she’s mastered during her training, she’s a deadly fighter with the ability to handle herself very well.

You’ll Need:

  1. Lucy Wilde Coat
  2. Lucy Wilde Wig
  3. Mirrored Sunglasses
  4. Pink Polka Dot Scarf
  5. White Heeled Sandals
  6. Card Holder

DIY Lucy Wilde Costume Guide

Check out this Lucy Wilde costume guide to learn how to get the look of this Anti-Villain League agent.

Lucy’s outfit shows her love of light blue and teal. Start off the look with Lucy Wilde Coat, Lucy Wilde Orange Wig, Whtie Heeled Sandals, and Mirrored Sunglasses.

Add Pink Polka Dot Scarf for a bit of pattern to her look.

To be on the safe side, Lucy must always keep her ID with her. It would be best if you put yours in a light blue ID holder to follow her style closely.

Lucy Wilde Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Lucy Wilde Cosplay Costume

The DreamWorks’ Despicable Me series star Lucy Wilde is an awesome character to dress up as.

Over the sleeveless dress, she wears a teal coat. On top of that, she wears a light blue pair of sunglasses and a red and white polka dot scarf around her neck.

Cosplay her with a friend. Dress up your friends as their favorite Despicable Me characters. They can dress up as Felonius Gru, Agnes Gru, Edith Gru, Margo Gru, Vector, or even the Minions! Alternatively, they can dress up as completely new characters from various costume guides.

Lucy Wilde Costume

About Lucy Wilde

Lucy Wilde works for the secret Anti-Villain League as a rookie agent. She looks almost identical to vintage female spies, dressed in a turquoise dress, heels, and a purse loaded with some of the most advanced gadgets you’ve ever seen.

As part of her mission to capture Felonius Gru in Despicable Me, she later teams up with him to find the PX-41 serum thief.

There is no shortage of weaponry and defense gadgets at Lucy’s disposal. Firethrowers, Lipstick Tasers, Epoxy Shooters, and Mild Moose Tranquilizer Darts are some of her most notable weapons.

In addition, she has a car that can be converted into a submarine. Although Lucy Wilde has deadly skills, she is cheerful, quirky, and fun to be around.

What is the most famous quote from Lucy Wilde?

1. “Oh, where are they? Agnes? Edith!”

2. “Sorry, you’re gonna have to come with me.”

3. “You know, you really should announce your weapons after you fire them, Mr. Gru.”

4. “Hi, Agent Lucy Wilde of the AVL.”

5. “You copied me!”

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