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  1. Jean Cosplay Outfit
  2. Jean Genshin Wig
  3. Jean Genshin Sword
  4. Jean Genshin Boots

Easy DIY Jean Cosplay Guide

Jean in the Genshin Impact is making the hearts of Gamer cosplayers aflutter and is one of the main characters from the region of Mondstadt. She is the older sister of Barbara and a descendant of the prestigious Gunnhildr Clan. Currently the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, Jean is constantly busy handling unrest and tirelessly working to maintain the City of Freedom. As a playable unit, she is a 5-star Anemo Sword user who excels in healing. There is just something overly satisfying about whisking mobs off their feet and plummeting them far away with Jean! Her simple and refined appearance gives the impression that she is weak, but she is a skilled swordswoman who can truly hold her own in battle.

To dress like Jean, wear a full-jean cosplay outfit and Jean cosplay boots. Wear a Jean Cosplay Wig and carry a Jean Cosplay Sword as your prop.

About Jean From Genshin Impact

Jean is a person who takes all of the responsibilities and duties associated with her job seriously, regardless of how minor they may seem. Because of this, she often exhausts herself. Her devotion is due to her upbringing and Varka’s teachings. She has now vowed that the city will be more prosperous and welcoming for his return, and as such, she is well-liked by Mondstadt’s citizens and her fellow Knights.
While she prefers using peaceful methods to solve problems, she won’t hesitate to use force if necessary. She also sees Diluc as her senior and acknowledges their shared vision of protecting Mondstadt.

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