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  1. Barbara Cosplay Costume
  2. Barbara Wig
  3. Barbara Cosplay Shoes
  4. White Pantyhose

Easy DIY Barbara Cosplay Guide

Barbara in the Genshin Impact will surely lift Gamer cosplayers’ spirits. Barbara is the deaconess of the Church of Favonius and a prominent “idol” within the city. Barbara is the kind of person to lift everyone’s spirits, and she is typically found singing. Her devotion to the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, is also a prominent character feature. As the younger sister of the Acting Grand Master Jean, Barbara has a big heart and is also hardworking in everything she does. Her cute and pure appearance gives the impression that she is delicate, but she is a skilled hydro catalyst user specializing in the Healing arts.

To dress like Barbara, wear a Full Barbara Cosplay Costume, White stockings, and Barbara Cosplay Shoes. Finally, wear a Barbara Wig.

About Barbara From Genshin Impact

Barbara is hardworking, bright, charismatic, and optimistic but also clumsy. She is quite the eye candy for the people of Mondstadt, granting them a “second wind” and motivation. She still feels doubt and disillusionment when thinking about the smiles she puts on people’s faces. As such, she now seeks to help others in their need.

She also has an inferiority complex about Jean, striving to do more herself. At the same time, she is devoted to the church, safeguarding religious artifacts and worshiping Barbatos, albeit having unknowingly met him.

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