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Noelle is one of the playable characters in the video game Genshin Impact. She is a character in the Geo class.

Considered to be one of the strongest and most reliable women, Noelle has the reputation of being the “maid of all maids” among the Knights of Favonius. She is rumored to be able to be in more than one place at once, with some believing she can even be everywhere at the same time.

Noelle can be rather stubborn and does not like to endanger herself just to help others. Even so, she is not a coward. She has tried to join the Knights of Favonius several times but never quite made the cut.

Genshin Impact players love the strong character of Noelle, making her a popular cosplay option. Read on to learn how to create a Noelle cosplay for yourself.

You’ll Need:

  1. Noelle Cosplay Costume
  2. Noelle Cosplay Shoes
  3. Noelle Wig

DIY Noelle Cosplay Guide

Noelle has an incredibly intricate style of dress that could be difficult to replicate on your own from scratch. In order to save yourself time and stress, you could instead get a Noelle cosplay that has already been constructed. This will ensure you can get the most accurate look possible without the headache.

After the upper portion of her ensemble has been finished, it is time to move onto her shoes. Noelle wears tall boots that extend past her knees. They are white in color with gold details along the thigh, knee, ankle, and toe. The boots are complete with red bows at the heels. Since they are just as complex as the outfit, it’s a smart move to get a replica pair already made.

Finally, you can complete your Noelle cosplay by getting a wig to match her look. It should be light blue with curtain bangs and a braid near the crown of her head.

Noelle Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Noelle Cosplay Costume

The Noelle cosplay is made up of gentle colors, including dark reds, white, and gold. It has a timeless, classic look that is a great choice for those who love dressy, regal styles.

You can take the Noelle cosplay to the next level by incorporating it as one part of a group costume. Simply have some other friends dress as their favorite Genshin Impact characters to achieve this goal.

Noelle Cosplay

About Noelle From Genshin Impact

Noelle is a playable Geo character in Genshin Impact. She has a reputation for strength and reliability and is prized as the “maid of all maids” by the Knights of Favonius.

She believes that she is as important as the rest and does not like to endanger her life by putting herself at risk for others. Even though she can be stubborn about this, she is certainly not a coward.

Instead, she has made several attempts to join the Knights of Favonius but has never quite succeeded.

If Noelle is one of your favorite characters from Genshin Impact, you can show your love for her by dressing in her costume. Above, we’ve shown you the steps to take to piece it together, and you can invite your friends to join you.

What is the most famous quote from Noelle?

1. “My name is Noelle, maid of the Knights of Favonius, and it’s my pleasure to be joining you on your adventure today”.

2. “A maid is required to keep everyone’s secrets. That’s why my favorite flower is the rose”. 

3. “What is this… new power!? Thank you! Now I can be of assistance to even more people”.

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