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Diluc Costume is sure to be a flaming hit among gamers and cosplayers who play Genshin Impact.

Diluc is one of the core characters from the region of Mondstadt in the world of Teyvat. He was born into the affluent Ragnvindr Clan and is the current wealthy owner of the Dawn Winery.

Despite being a nobleman of high esteem, an unfortunate incident in the past led him to part ways with the Knights of Favonius. But he continues to protect the city in his own way.

As a highly coveted playable character back when the game first launched, Diluc used a claymore in battle alongside the powers of his Pyro Vision. To this day, he is a consistent and capable DPS unit.

His adopted brother, Kaeya, calls Diluc “anti-hero with attitude problems, but he only has Mondstadt’s best interests at heart. To this end, he took matters into his own hands by becoming the “Darknight Hero”.

His refined and classy appearance gives the impression that he is a defenseless nobleman. But foes will dread the day they crossed paths with this Vigilante Hero…

You’ll Need:

  1. Diluc Full Costume
  2. Diluc Long Red Wig
  3. Wolf’s Gravestone Broadsword
  4. Black Motorcycle Boot

DIY Diluc Costume Guide

Diluc instantly became a popular and iconic character from Genshin Impact thanks to his DPS potential and badass getup.

This rich and classy ensemble makes him stand out among other denizens and has become a style beloved by cosplayers everywhere.

His popularity and memorable appearance make the Diluc cosplay an awesome one. With our Diluc costume guide below, you can create your own Diluc costume.

Prepare to dish out retribution by purchasing a full Diluc costume. This will include his iconic coat, shirt, pants, and main accessories.

Next, you must procure a long red Diluc cosplay wig. This piece must come with all the right bangs and Diluc’s signature low ponytail at the back.

Follow up with a pair of Diluc Cosplay Boots. These must be sturdy black motorcycle boots with the right detailing to get the full effect.

Finally, you have the option of getting a cosplay claymore prop. The perfect weapon would be the Wolf’s Gravestone, but the Unforged, Prototype Archaic, or Serpent Spine are fine too.

Diluc Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Diluc Cosplay Costume

Over time, Diluc has become something of a Vigilante icon. His badass manner of dress and bright red hair are easily recognisable, even by people who haven’t played Genshin Impact.

This is especially true among people who enjoy vintage German styles and clothing, as he dresses in a refined manner.

The time is nigh to embrace the vigilante hero within you and nail this Diluc cosplay! Luckily, it is a fairly straightforward ensemble made from a few core pieces that can be put together in record time.

Isn’t it a superb idea to team up and do a Genshin Impact Group cosplay this Halloween? Get your friends to dress up as Jean, Kaeya, Venti, and Klee to crash any party with you!

Diluc Cosplay

About Diluc from Genshin Impact

Diluc used to be the ideal young man, dedicated to both his work and family. But his father’s untimely demise at the hands of a delusion led him to lose faith in the Knights and suppress himself.

He still holds resentment towards the Knights, pointing out how they work too slowly, but still appreciates those who put in the extra effort. This is a nudge towards how he is a gentle, tender, and modest person at heart.

He comes off as a bitter and grumpy person to most, with his good side known only to those closest to him.

What is the most famous quote from Diluc?

1. “Guess we can rest a bit.”

2. “ You should really bring the Knights of Favonius with you next time.”

3. “ I don’t need an umbrella, but you can use one if you need.”

4. “ I still have a lot to do at the Guild. How about you take a rest while I go back?”

5. “Would you like to try the secret menu?”

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