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ISTP Anime Characters

Have you ever wondered about your favorite character’s MBTI? Well, here we have compiled our Top 20 List of ISFJ Anime Characters, along with what makes them such a perfect fit for the Personality Type!

What is the ISFJ personality?

39 Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

For those confused, the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a self-report quiz that showcases your Personality Type according to your psychological preferences in how you perceive the world and make decisions. 

Among the 16 Personality types, the ISFJ is the Defender who is Introverted, Observant, Feeling, and Judging. These people are warm and unassuming in their steady way, all while being efficient and responsible. You may already think of a few Anime characters who fit the bill!

What are the characteristics of ISFJ personality?

41 Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

ISFJs are the people who make the world go around in their own unassuming, understated way. They are hardworking and devoted, constantly feeling a deep sense of responsibility to those around them. You can always count on these guys to meet deadlines, remember birthdays and special occasions, uphold traditions, and shower their loved ones with care and support. They rarely demand recognition for all they’ve done, preferring to operate behind the scenes instead.

While reserved, they have well-developed people skills and robust social relationships. Just think of all the characters who shine in even the most ordinary aspects of their daily lives!

How does the ISFJ personality manifest itself in response to a crisis?

40 Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

During a crisis, you can count on ISFJ characters to react in a thoughtful, caring, and practical manner. As natural caregivers, they’ll put others’ needs before their own, so you’ll catch them providing practical help and support to others in many ways. 

ISFJs like stability and thrive on structure, so they maintain a calm and composed demeanor that helps alleviate anxiety and fear in others. Their practical and systematic approach seeks tangible solutions and works diligently to address concerns. If a victim freaks out, you can count on the ISFJs to be empathetic listeners, providing a compassionate ear and emotional support to almost anyone.

Here are our Top 20 picks for the best ISFJ Characters in Anime (in no particular order):

20. Yor Forger(SPY x FAMILY )

Yor Forger Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

Let me start by saying I love Yor Forger! She is one of the best female Anime characters out there, both unique and endearing. She is a mature woman who raised her younger brother independently and worked hard for a better world, even if it meant her hands got bloody. As she discovers romance and childcare anew, her reactions are so genuine and wholesome that I cannot help but root for her!

Appearing in the Spy × Family Manga and Anime series, this is one ISFJ that deserves all the fans she has! She is reliable, selfless, supportive, responsible, and loyal and will defend her family at all costs. I love her design as well; it is simple yet gorgeous and original. What’s more, I find her figure to be realistic and stunning.

19. Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Madoka Kaname

Although the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Anime series is iconic, Madoka is far from flawless, making her a solid character. She is naive and passive and makes several frustrating choices throughout the series. But fans don’t precisely overrun her; her show goes down in history as one of the best.

In the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Anime series, Madoka looks like your typical Magical Girl draped in Pink. She is of small stature and looks increasingly plain, which throws off anyone judging the show by the Cover. She embodies ISFJs, though, being kind-hearted, courageous, and determined despite the darkness. But is it worth anything to go that far as a Defender?

18. Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer)

Nezuko Kamado Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

When I first watched Demon Slayer, I never understood the hype about Nezuko. But even I grew to appreciate her feminine, tender, and caring demeanor, who serves as a solid co-protagonist to Tanjiro. But when this girl goes Demon mode, you can bet that limbs will fly and blood will splatter. It’s genuinely an ISFJ with an entertaining twist!

Nezuko appears in the Manga and Anime of Demon Slayer. I love the Traditional Japanese vibe in her design, flanked by her beautiful long locks of dark hair. Hers is a simple but effective design that conveys much about the Defender’s personality. She is reliable, supportive, and harmonious and will readily sacrifice herself for others. But for Tanjiro’s sake, I hope not!

17. Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece)

Tony Tony Chopper Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

It is the nature of the ISFJ to defend, and thus, Tony became the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. This little reindeer is nothing short of adorable, and he has the compassion required of a great doctor. I can relate to Nami and Robin’s fondness for him; what’s not to like about this applicable cutie pie?

Chopper is portrayed in the One Piece Manga and Anime as a toddler-sized human/reindeer hybrid, and his Devil Fruit allows him to change his appearance to suit the occasion. He looks charming and innocent but also curious and naive. This doctor will go to any length to save his crewmates!

16. Kobeni Higashiyama (Chainsaw Man )

Kobeni Higashiyama Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

Kobeni’s design doesn’t look like much; it follows a standard look and lacks many distinguishing traits. Appearing in the Anime and Manga Chainsaw Man, she used to be a coward on another level, breaking down too quickly under pressure. Just when I feared her never being redeemed, she started showing her cool-headed, efficient, and ruthless side, and I’m all for it!
Despite her family forcing her into a line of work she hates, she still cares about them and sends money to support her brother, a true ISFJ! She also displays reserved, determined, observant, and mysterious traits.

15. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)

Hinata Hyuga Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

When she was first introduced, even I found Hinata to be a little odd. But as her personality and motivations were revealed, I started rooting for this girl from the bottom of my heart. She is shrouded behind superficial weaknesses; someone special needs to see another for their incredible traits. Hinata didn’t even have a proper teacher, but she can work day and night to better herself. This is a rare form of feminine strength!

Appearing throughout the Naruto Manga and Anime series, Hinata was one of the first few people to love Naruto. Even though most aren’t fans of her eyes, she possesses unique beauty. She has a great figure, beautiful long hair, and a warm smile; total Wife Material! She is an embodiment of the ISFJ!

14. Momo Yaoyorozu (My Hero Academia)

Momo Yaoyorozu Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

When I saw Momo’s Hero Outfit, I labeled her as the resident fanservice character. She doesn’t amount to much early on in the Boku no Hero Academia series, but I saw another side of her in the modest clothes. She is the Anime’s “Ojou-sama” and had a wealthy upbringing, but that won’t stop her from becoming a Hero!

Momo’s Hero getup is practical from Quirk’s POV, but I find the small book rack on her hips funny. What’s stopping those books from flying off into the great beyond amidst the action? Either way, this ISFJ is responsible, caring, resourceful, intelligent, and capable of helping her classmates out in a pinch!

13.  Bertolt Hoover (Attack on Titan)

Bertolt Hoover Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

Taking a step back from the ladies and mascots, Bertolt is also an ISFJ. Ever since he was revealed to be the Colossus Titan, people became more interested in him. This is a kid who was brainwashed by propaganda to believe that terrorism would be honorable.

Bertolt’s design in the Attack on Titan series is straightforward, and he looks like a wimpy dude most of the time, making his Transformation all the more impactful. The man’s love for Annie is also on another level; he even transcends his death to protect her. As reserved and introverted as he is, how many characters feel this vital?

12.  Sophie Hatter (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Sophie Hatter Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

At the beginning of Howl’s Moving Castle, Sophie looks and acts like a straightforward lady. But as the Movie progresses, she decides to forge a new fate for herself, all while saving Howl and Calcifer. By the end, I was a big Sophie fan!

Her design is that of a simple young woman with brown eyes and long brown hair worn in a plait, quite fitting for an ISFJ in her time. Her short Grey Bob cut at the finale is quirky and represents her development well. She exudes a high level of resilience, wisdom, and adaptability rarely seen in Anime Heroines in this day and age.

11. Kuronuma Sawako (Kimi ni Todoke)

Kuronuma Sawako 1 Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

Many good-natured ladies fall under the ISFJ personality type. Sawako is another beautiful example: genuine, compassionate, and positively feminine. This girl is a bundle of sunshine, which is one big reason I enjoyed Kimi ni Todoke so much.

This ISFJ is also a simple beauty: long black hair, a slender build, dark brown eyes with a warm glisten, and modest clothes. This, coupled with her shyness, reminded me of Hinata Hyuga, a diligent but insecure girl, especially regarding her romantic feelings.

10. Rem ( Re: Zero)

Rem Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

Rem is hardworking, selfless, protective, and resilient; a textbook example of an ISFJ. Her loyalty to Subaru is something else, showcasing unwavering support and dedication towards him for the longest time. It is for this reason that I demand justice for Rem! 

Rem is portrayed in a Black and White Maid outfit in the Re: Zero series. Her blue eyes and short bob hair aren’t exactly revolutionary, but her fandom is so vast thanks to her personality and actions. She is sincere and a skilled fighter as well; what’s not to like?

9. Wakana Gojou (My Dress-Up Darling)

Wakana Gojou Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

Wakana Gojou from My Dress-Up Darling may not be the most popular “Gojo” these days, but he has a unique skill set. There’s something beautiful about a man who can sew and craft, almost like a master cook. His introvertedness, determination, empathy, and compassion make him a great example of a male ISFJ.

Considering his looks, the girls in his School aren’t throwing themselves at him. His simple handsomeness is perpetuated by attraction to his personality and skills. Perhaps this is a good thing, for only those who love him for who he is attempt to grow close to him!

8.Mima Kirigoe (Perfect Blue)

Mima Kirigoe Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

After watching the Perfect Blue Movie, I was too mindblown to consider Mima’s personality type. Considering everything she went through, it’s amazing how she came out on top!

This lady was very vulnerable initially but remained resilient and determined throughout. Her adaptability to bleak situations that pursued her like the plague is astounding, and we end up with such an emotionally complex ISFJ character. Appearance-wise, she has simple, short black hair and amber eyes while donning various clothes to suit the tasks.

7. Chad (Bleach)

Chad Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

Chad, aka Yasutora Sado, always felt like however powerful a new foe was, usually defeated by him utterly. Chad remained an earnest and loyal character, one you could rely on for anything other than beating the big bands.

This ISFJ is of Mexican and Japanese descent, with dark skin and pronounced cheekbones. He is a big-built man who prefers simple clothes but can punch hard nonetheless. He appears frequently in Bleach Manga and Anime, showcasing his protective, courageous, quiet, and empathetic side at every turn. He is the resident Defender of Bleach!

6. Kasumi Miwa (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Kasumi Miwa Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

The Jujutsu Kaisen series has a lot of solid and well-written female characters, and among them is a lovable ISFJ. Miwa-chan is poor and is a Jujutsu Sorcerer to earn money. She is also outspoken about her “uselessness,” but I think she has more impact than she realizes.

She wears a simple black suit and possesses long light blue hair. It is excellent, and most women in the series have short hair. Her key traits are simplicity, diligence, determination, and consideration, leading her to stand out among her high-strung classmates. This girl is so earnest and reasonable that I cannot help but adore her!

5. Eiji Okumura (Banana Fish)

Eiji Okumura Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

More husband material! Eiji from Banana Fish is one of the most genuine, supportive, and optimistic dudes in Anime. But as with most fictional men, we can only hope to find ourselves such a man and leave this bag of sunshine to Ash in some shape or form.

This ISFJ looks like your typical Japanese teenager with short black hair and an elegant wardrobe. But do not let the simplicity fool you, for he is as brave as he is compassionate. You can count on him to bring out the positives and best in you!

4. Jeanne (Vanitas no Carte)

Jeanne 1 Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

Jeanne from Vanitas no Carte is one of my all-time favorite Anime women. Why? As strong and badass as she is, she even gets weak in the knees when confronted with Vanitas’ charm and passion. 

This ISFJ’s wardrobe is modest and practical, allowing ample movement in fights. Her fair skin, yellow eyes, and pale pink (almost white) hair make her a voluptuous beauty not to be trifled with unless you’re Vanitas. She is righteous, determined, faithful, and resilient to a fault while reserving a warming smile for her beloved.

3. Ryota Suzuki (Kakegurui)

Ryota Suzuki Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

Ryota looks like your typical male Anime protagonist, and it’s also like he has “doormat” written across his face. An ISFJ is a sitting duck in a series like Kakegurui, but thankfully, he brings some compassion and honesty into this chaotic setting.

Donning the Uniform of Hyakkaou Private Academy, this ISFJ has brown hair and brown eyes. He doesn’t stand out much, but he brings the elements of loyalty, support, adaptability, and caution to the story.

2. Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass)

Suzaku Kururugi Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

Suzaku is one of the critical characters of the Code Geass series. He is highly romantic and noble, seeking to bring about change and reform through lawful means.

He is a tall, lean character with brown hair and green eyes, often seen donning the White Knightmare frame battle suit or Ashford Academy uniform. The ISFJ in him leads him to be compassionate and selfless, giving birth to a complex character with conflicting emotions and motivations.

1. Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

What better way to end this list than with an entry from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? Appearing in Battle Tendency, Caesar is full of charisma, pride, and passion. It’s not exactly a textbook ISFJ, but it shows a different style.

Caesar is muscular and sports unkempt hair with two colored spots on both cheeks. He is handsome enough to make women swoon, and his wardrobe is anything but modest, a classic Jojo’s. His resilience and protective nature make him an ISFJ, and he bears his share of vulnerabilities despite how hot-headed he is.


And that concludes our list of some of ISFJ Anime Characters! But there are still common questions. So, let’s address some of them!

Does ISFJ Like Change?
32 Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

ISFJ are typically nurturing and dependable, so they might find change challenging. This is especially true if the change disrupts their relationship or threatens the well-being of those they love. Despite the initial discomfort, they’ll likely adapt over time and be supportive of others while doing so.

How Can You Support an ISFJ During Stressful Times?
33 Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

Try doing any of the following: 
Offer Emotional Support (listen and don’t be judgy!)
Create a Calm Environment (to help them feel secure)
Assist with Practical Tasks (they’ve probably taken on more than they can handle)
Provide Reassurance (acknowledge them and their efforts)
Respect Their Need for Space (sometimes they just want some Alone Time)
Encourage Self-Care (they don’t get nearly enough rest)
Be Patient and Understanding (no pressure)

What Professions Suit ISFJs?
34 Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

Anything that lets them use their nurturing, detail-oriented, and reliable natures to support people. The following are top picks:
Healthcare (Nursing, caregiving, medical assisting, etc.)
Education (especially in elementary schools)
Counseling/Psychology (because they are so empathetic and attentive)
Administrative Roles (for organization, attention to detail and support)
Social Work (helping disadvantaged or vulnerable people)
Human Resources (supporting, managing, and ensuring positivity)
Accounting/Finance (they appreciate structured tasks and accuracy)
Service Industries (Customer service, hospitality, personalized assistance, etc.)

Can ISFJs Handle Conflict?
35 Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

ISFJs prefer harmony by default, so they might struggle with direct confrontations. They always wish for peaceful resolutions and can handle conflicts by prioritizing empathy and making compromises. They will feel discomfort from heated disagreements, so don’t push it!

Are ISFJs Emotional?
36 Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

ISFJs can be VERY emotional. They have a solid emotional depth, feel deeply for others, and experience their emotions quite intensely. While they may not always express their emotions outwardly, rest assured that they are empathetic and deeply connected to the feelings of those around them. It is this emotional nature that drives them to care and support others.

A Quick Recap…

ISFJs are known to be warm, responsible, and devoted Defenders who work behind the scenes. You can count on them to be a warm and supportive pillar during a crisis, although change is challenging. Some of the most prominent ISFJs in Anime include Yor Forger, Hinata Hyuga, Madoka Kaname, Tony Tony Chopper, and so on. Like real-life ISFJs, these warm characters prioritize others’ feelings and well-being over their own.

ISTP 4 Top 20 ISFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

What do you think about ISFJs in Anime and Real-Life? Did any of your favorite characters make the list? We’re sorry if we’ve missed some because a Top 20 List can only accommodate so much. We hope you have a better understanding of ISFJs and how to handle them now because these are the kind of people you want in your life. If you think our picks don’t fit the Defender role, let us know why in the Comments. Thanks for reading!

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