Hamburglar: The Conniving Burger Thief


If you’re also obsessed with McDonald’s hamburgers, then this Hamburglar costume is a good choice for you. The Hamburglar is a mascot in the McDonaldland universe who is featured in the McDonald’s franchise commercials. The Hamburglar and the other McDonaldland characters were created in the 1970s. They become a mascot for their franchise and playground to represent the McDonald’s fast-food chain. The villain of the character series, the Hamburglar is a relentless thief who will do anything to steal away the McDonald’s meals to have to himself.

You’ll Need:

  1. Striped Prisoner Costume
  2. Superhero Cape
  3. Black Fedora Hat
  4. Red Sneaker
  5. Hamburger Necktie
  6. Yellow Ribbon
  7. Red Gloves
  8. Hero Mask
  9. Hamburger Prop

DIY Hamburglar Costume Guide

If you want to steal the look of the conniving burger thief that is the Hamburglar, then this costume guide is for you.

You can get Hamburglar’s look by throwing the Striped Prisoner Costume with Red Sneaker. You’ll also need Superhero Cape, Black Fedora Hat with Yellow Ribbon, Hamburger Necktie, Red Gloves, Hero Mask, and Hamburger Prop to complete your own Hamburglar costume.

Hamburglar Cosplay Costume

The Hamburglar is a conniving, mischievous thief who tries to swipe away all of the McDonald’s burgers to have to himself. But he is still a well-loved character in the McDonald’s franchise. The appearance of his mascot character has undergone many changes throughout the years. He morphs from the appearance of an elderly man to a more humorous Captain hook-inspired character. Despite this, the majority will recognize him as a youthful-looking man who wears a black and white vertical striped jailer uniform. If you follow this Hamburglar costume guide, you will surely be clocked as the cunning Hamburglar. 

If you want to go as a McDonaldland cosplay troupe to really make an impression at your next costume event, have your friends dress up as Birdie, Grimace, and the famous, world-renowned Ronald McDonald.

hamburglar costume

About Hamburglar

You may be led to believe that the Hamburglar’s black and white vertical striped outfit is made to represent a prison inmate. But if you have a deeper dive into the history of the McDonald’s franchise reveals that this is not true. In the early McDonald’s television ads, you will see that the Hamburglar used to wear a black outfit. When he attempted to snag the hamburgers off of Ronald McDonald, the lead boss of McDonaldland captured him and took away his all-black outfit. When the Hamburglar attempted to flee and the head boss attempted to hold him down. He spun around and around as his clothing tore, which revealed a white outfit. Therefore, he is represented as wearing black and white stripes. 

In other early McDonald’s television advertisements, it is suggested that his clothing is equipped with special powers. In a Japanese commercial, the Hamburglar is depicted as ripping the black stripes from his costume. It can form a lasso in the air that is able to steal hamburgers from McDonaldland.

McDonald’s Hamburglar Commercial 1986

What is the most famous quote from Hamburglar?

1. “Robble, robble!”

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