Free Guy Costume


The Free Guy costume is a funny and simple costume that makes a big splash among gamers.

Free Guy is a science fiction comedy flick made by Shawn Levy. This movie takes place in an open-world video game and stars Ryan Reynolds as Free Guys, also known as Blue Shirt Guy.

Free Guy is an NPC, or non-playable character, in this fictional game. He rallies all the other NPCs of the game and makes them aware of who they really are.

He encourages them to take charge of their lives and to fight to stay alive once they learn that there are plans to shut down the game entirely.

You’ll Need:

  1. Plain Blue T-Shirt
  2. Khaki Chino Pant
  3. Black Wrap-Around Safety Glasses
  4. Stripe Necktie
  5. Elastic Braided Belt
  6. Silver Tie Clip
  7. Free Guy Name Tag
  8. Casio Sport Watch
  9. Tan Suede Oxford Shoes

DIY Free Guy Costume Guide

Free Guy is an amusing one and is certainly the most memorable of the flick. 

Follow the costume guide and get ready for your next Halloween party with the Free Guy costume.

To dress in this iconic Free Guy costume, you will need the following: Plain Blue T-Shirt, Khaki Chino Pant, Tan Suede Oxford Shoes, Black Wrap-Around Safety Glasses, Stripe Necktie with Silver Tie Clip, Elastic Braided Belt, Casio Sport Watch, and Free Guy Name Tag.

Free Guy Cosplay Costume

Fortunately, the Free Guy costume is remarkably easy to put together, thanks to its simple pieces. 

As he is also known as “Blue Shirt Guy,” having his light blue button-down shirt is instrumental in creating this costume. 

Grab a short sleeve Oxford shirt to start off. Then, pair it with a simple pair of office-worthy khaki pants and add a khaki belt to match. 

Tan suede Oxford shoes will finish off this look well. He wears a yellow and light blue necktie around his neck, complete with a silver tie clip. 

On his shirt, he wears a name tag. Get one that says “Free Guy.” As for his other accessories, you will need a black resin watch.

free guy costume

About Free Guy

Free Guy, otherwise known as “Blue Shirt Guy,” is a character played by Ryan Reynolds. This character is a non-playable character, or NPC, in the fictional open-world video game in the movie. 

At first, Ryan’s character is just a bank teller who does the same thing every day. At one point, the game developers install a program into the game that allows him to realize that he is living in a video game. 

He learns that the developers intend to shut down the game–the only world he has ever known–and tries to stop them. Using this knowledge, Guy then starts to try and make himself a hero

He does this with the help of someone playing the game. The two rally together the NPCs in the game to encourage them to take charge of their own lives. 

Free Guy| Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Free Guy?

1. “Life doesn’t happen to be something that just happens to us.”

2. ” It’s two Glocks. …”

3. “It’s like my tongue had a baby with a sunrise. …”

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