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Hooters is a chain of American-based restaurants founded in the state of Florida in 1983. Since then, it has been an iconic location and the favorite of many for wings and beer. This restaurant beckons with sexy waitresses as a feature, who are uniformed with tiny tank tops and hot pants. The servers walk around…

You’ll Need:

  1. Hooters Costume
  2. Hooters Black Pouch
  3. Opaque Tights
  4. White Socks
  5. Skechers White Sneakers

DIY Hooters Costume Guide

Sexy has become the iconic symbol of the Hooters restaurant. 

As long as the mention of the Hooters restaurant, it will be associated with the sexy waitresses, low-cut white tank tops, orange hot pants, and vibrant.

To dress like Hooters, you will need Hooters Costume, Hooters Black Pouch, Opaque Tights, White Socks, and Skechers White Sneakers.

Hooters Cosplay Costume

Those who do not work for the franchise can enjoy the flattering look of the costume for parties all the same. 

The most eye-catching part of the Hooters costume is the vibrant orange shorts, so get those first. 

These bright orange shorts are pretty short, usually at a “Daisy Duke” length. Pair the shorts with a tank top that has the Hooters logo printed on it. 

Beneath the shorts, you can wear a pair of sheer nude stockings. On your feet, you should finish it off wearing a pair of white sneakers.

To give you the waitress look, get a small waitress tray with a fake beer mug and a plate of fake wings to carry around. Finally, you can wear a small waitress pouch or apron around your waist.

hooters costume

About Hooters Costume

Hooters is a famous American-based chain of beer and wing restaurants. It began in Florida and has since spread throughout most states. 

The founder of the Hooters restaurant is Robert Brooks, a creative food inventor.

At that time, Brooks and his friend were drinking in a tavern. His friend felt that the pub was too boring and it would be nice to have some sexy girls as a company.

Although it was a joke, Brooks took it to heart. Soon he opened a theme restaurant, not only beer, chicken wings, and exciting sports events but also passionate, sexy Hooters girls.

Hooters restaurants always promote the playmate interactive relationship service. Although the Hooters girls are waitresses, they can sit next to the customers and talk to them in a friendly way. They can even play darts and hula hoops together in the restaurant.

How To Wear The Hooters Uniform| Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Hooters?

1. ” I’m glad that I finally get to talk to people so they can like put a person with the Hooters girl. It’s good. It was fine. It took care of me for a while.”

2. ” You’re an old man who dresses like a Hooters waitress. “

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