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Doomguy Costume is a favorite of video game lovers. Those who are interested in the mecha genre and have a liking for robots may love this costume.

Though Doomguy is famous, not everyone knows what kind of a person he is. because he is a mysterious character

He is a hero who has done a lot for humanity and can’t withstand the existence of demons.

Despite being a hero, he is not a cliche when it comes to dealing with friends and foes. He is a deadly dangerous guy with a fearsome aura and reputation.

You’ll Need:

  1. Doomguy Costume
  2. Doomguy Mask
  3. Gloves
  4. Sword
  5. Gun Prop

Doomguy Costume DIY Guide

Undoubtedly, the Doom Guy costume is a great option to wear this Halloween. However, it’s not easy to get. It’s difficult for people to get it custom-made since it involves proper armor.

Let’s begin with our Doomguy Costume DIY Guide!
Before wearing the armor, you need to cover yourself with a black jumpsuit. You can also get yourself green gloves, and then you can move on to wear the armor.

Once you get your hands on the armor and mask, things will be easier for you. Don’t worry about getting the perfect makeover or wig.

Girl vs. Boy Doomguy Cosplay Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Doomguy Costume

Doomguy Costume will do the job of stealing the spotlight for you. This doomy costume will make it easy for you to grab attention. It effortlessly intrigues the audience, which is a huge plus.

Having a Halloween costume that is scary and looks cool—doesn’t that sound perfect? Apart from Halloween, you can wear it to cosplay festivals.

Sharing some pictures with your online community to impress your friends and Doomguy fans would be a great idea.

It’s best suited for people who are confident, dopey, and want something different. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Just grab one of the best Halloween costumes!

Doomguy Costume

About Doomguy from Doom video game franchise

Doomguy isn’t an anime or movie character, but a video game protagonist. As one can guess, he is strong-willed and a dauntless guy who is well acquainted with things around him.

It doesn’t look like it, but Doomguy had a family—a wife and a son. He loves pets and is very kind to them, as one can judge from his treatment of his rabbit pet.

His hatred for demons makes him the eBay demon slayer. For him, human lives matter more than anything, and he is willing to go to the limit to protect them.

He once punched his senior, who ordered him to harm civilians. His actions resulted in him getting a tough punishment.

Doomguy is headstrong and knows right and wrong. No matter what, he will always choose the right thing, irrespective of the challenges he may have to face. Impressive, right?

What is the most famous quote from Doomguy?

1. “Tell Me… Have You Nothing To Say To Your Creator… Before You Strike Him Down?”

2. “… Guts, Huge Guts! Kill Them… Must Kill Them All! Rip… And… Tear! The Demons… They Are Everywhere. Must… Kill Them All!”

3. “Rip… And… Tear!”

4. “I’ve Killed Bigger And Worse Than You”

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