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Easy DIY Disney Hercules Costumes Guide

Disney’s Hercules is the titular protagonist of the 1997 beloved animated feature film of the same name. He is the son of the gods Zeus and Hera. He maintained his immense strength even after he was taken from Mount Olympus and transformed into a mortal by his evil uncle Hades. With the help of Pegasus and Philoctetes, he starts a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Becoming a hero was not easy, but he persevered through it all.

To dress like Hercules, wear a brown Roman Warrior armor featuring spiral patterns, a blue cape, and dark brown warrior sandals. Next, wear a Hercules wig and procure a brown belt and wristbands. Finally, use a warrior sword and shield as props!

About Hercules

Hercules, born on Mount Olympus, son of Zeus, is vibrant, tenacious, and optimistic. While he is a demigod, he becomes a mortal after drinking a mortal potion. We see him clumsy due to not having fine control over his godly strength. He has a lot of energy and is somewhat naïve.

Hercules initially believed that being a hero was about battling monsters and rescuing damsels. In his chance encounter with the femme fatale Megara and falling in love, he learns that the value of a hero is measured by the strength of his heart, not the strength of his muscles. He transforms from a klutzy “zero” into a true hero to reclaim his place among the gods.

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