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Those who have watched Evangelion know Shinji Ikari. This is because he’s not only the main character of the show but also a popular character in the anime world.

He is an easygoing person and doesn’t let anything control his emotions. The boy is talented and might now show it, but deep down, he yearns for praise.

Shinji lives a tough life with traumatic experiences, and it all began when he lost his mother at the age of 3. Since that day, he has feared getting hurt, as the event has affected him a lot.

Shinji likes being on his own, free from any stress. This is why he is usually seen wearing headphones.

You’ll Need:

  1. White Shirt
  2. Navy T-Shirt
  3. Shinji Wig
  4. Note
  5. Black Pants
  6. Green Backpack
  7. Black Belt
  8. Black Wrist Watch
  9. White Sneakers
  10. Travelling Bag

Shinji Outfit DIY Guide

Shinji outfit is a popular choice among cosplayers because it’scool, decent, and elegant at the same time. It’s not only comfortable but also easy-to-get. You just need to search your wardrobe, and I am sure you’ll find all the pieces there.

If you want to rock this look, follow our Shinji Out DIY Guide. First, grab black pants and a navy blue T-shirt, which will come under a white short-sleeve button shirt. Next, you need to tie your pants with a brown belt.

As you know, Shinji never steps out without shoes, so grab a pair of white sneakers. Lastly, you can get a watch with a brown leather strap. It was easy, right?

A Shinji outfit will effortlessly make you look presentable and cool at the same time. So, don’t waste this golden chance!

Shinji Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Shinji Outfit

Shinji Outfit is a popular one in the Otaku community. This is because Evangelion is a popular anime, and it’s impossible not to know its main character.

This look makes one neat and tidy. So, it’s best for those who want to show themselves as mature and decent.

Apart from wearing this outfit to cosplay parties, you can wear it anywhere. It is suitable to wear to formal and informal gatherings and won’t even look off-putting.

The good part is that many women prefer this look because they like men with impeccable dresses.

Shinji Outfit

About Shinji From Neon Genesis Evangelion

Since Shinji is the protagonist, you can expect a lot of good and winsome qualities from him. His traumatic experiences make him connect better with the audience.

He yearns deep down for love and has a fear of being abandoned. For this very reason, he blames himself for all the sad experiences in his life.

Shinji is a reserved person who doesn’t feel comfortable interacting with others. This is also why he enjoys his space and doesn’t bother getting involved in others’ lives.

He loves his father a lot and hates the fact that he left him. Therefore, one can see him struggling to win over his father and hear words of praise from him.

What is the most famous quote from Shinji?

1. “You Betrayed Me! You Betrayed My Feelings!”

2. “Nobody Wants Me, So They Can All Just Die.”

3. “It Would Be Better If I Never Existed. I Should Just Die Too.”


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