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For fans of Colleen Lunsford who want to emulate the actress’ unique appearance, the Colleen Lunsford costume would be an excellent choice.

In the 2016 dark comedy Little Sister, Colleen Lunsford plays a young nun who is on her way to becoming a nun.

Her mother sends her an email telling her that her brother has returned from Iraq while she is in Brooklyn studying for her religious vows. In order to return to her childhood home, Coleen temporarily pauses her studies.

The room she left almost a decade ago is still exactly the same as when she left it. It was a pleasant surprise to see her parents, but things became awkward. She also had to deal with her brother, who lived in a guesthouse and was a recluse.

You’ll Need:

  1. White Nun Costume
  2. Pink Bob Wig
  3. Baby Doll
  4. White Cream Powder Foundation
  5. Fake Blood
  6. Blue Lipstick
  7. Colleen Lunsford Necklace

DIY Colleen Lunsford Costume Guide

She is popular among young people due to her unique dress and hair color. 

To dress like Colleen Lunsford, you will need a White Nun Costume with some Fake Blood on it.

Then, add some accessories like the Pink Bob Wig and Colleen Lunsford Necklace to match the iconic look.

You also need to paint your face white with White Cream Powder Foundation and make your lips blue with Blue Lipstick.

Don’t forget to bring a Baby Doll around you to finish the whole look.

Colleen Lunsford Cosplay Costume

You can dress up like a gothic nun with this Colleen Lunsford costume set. Among the items included in this kit are a White Nun Costume, Goth White Makeup, Blue Lipstick, Spike Choker, and Pink Hair Wig. 

The Colleen Lunsford costume makes you look like a cute, gothic nun who will surely be noticed! The perfect wig is already here, so there is no need to dye your hair pink.

Using the Fake Blood in combination with your costume will give you an even greater effect, so make sure you smear it all over it. You should also remember to bring the Baby Doll included in the set with you.

Colleen Lunsford Costume

About Colleen Lunsford

Colleen Lunsford is one of the main characters in Little Sister.

As a young nun-in-training, who has chosen to remain unknown to her family, she has cut off all communication with them until her brother returns from the war in Iraq.

As the film begins, President Obama is preparing to run for president for the first time. As a result of being sent to war, Jacob returned home a broken man. A number of political decisions had a profound impact on the family.

Clark takes us to places and mental spaces we never anticipate in Little Sister, which masterfully combines humor and heartbreak (without sappy sentiment). 

Little Sister is never cynical or inhumane, even though Clark and producer Melodie Sisk crafted the story together. “He’s made a beautiful and unnerving film that weaves a family story similar to yours and mine.”

Essentially, this movie challenges expectations of indie dramas by exploring family dynamics in an off-kilter way that supports its points with solid characterizations.

Colleen Lunsford – Gwar Scene | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Colleen Lunsford?

1. “I flushed your drugs mom.”

2. “I am a disappointment to you and you are a disappointment.”

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