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Bob Newby is a beloved character in Netflix’s original series, Stranger Things. The character is played by Sean Astin.

Bob Newby begins dating Joyce Byers, a woman caught up in the grief of losing her son to the Upsidedown.

He is a nerdy character who loves technology and is quite good at solving puzzles. He is also a sweetheart who is rather innocent.

Bob Newby has no idea what he is getting into when he gets involved with Joyce and is thrust into the hectic world that has been discovered.

Unfortunately, his life ends by way of a demo dog when he is trying to help Joyce.

You’ll Need:

  1. Khaki Jacket
  2. Striped Dress Shirt
  3. Brown Pants
  4. Brown Striped Tie
  5. Remote Control Camcorder
  6. Brown Shoes

DIY Bob Newby Costume Guide

If you’re a fan of this loveable character, you are sure to enjoy the Bob Newby costume. Read on to learn more.

The base of the Bob Newby costume consists of a pair of brown pants and a white pinstripe button-down shirt. Finish it off with a brown striped tie.

Over the shirt and tie, you should wear a khaki jacket. Match the jacket with a pair of brown shoes.

To complete the costume, you can carry around a camcorder in your hand, much like Bob Newby does. The camcorder is optional but can take the costume to the next level.

Bob Newby Cosplay Costume

Bob Newby tends to wear rather casual clothes. More specifically, he wears business casual attire for his job at RadioShack.

Because his clothing is so simple, there is a chance you already have most if not all of the pieces in your ensemble. This makes it a good beginner’s cosplay.

It is also rather comfortable, so it’s a nice choice for attending Halloween parties that go on all night.

You can use the Bob Newby costume as a part of a group costume. Do this by having someone else dress up as his girlfriend, Joyce. You can also have others dress up as the kids from Stranger Things, like Mike, Eleven, Max Mayfield, Billy Hargrove, Barb Hollan, etc.

If you are one of his fans, you can pay tribute to him in a Bob Newby costume. In the article above, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you put together your own Bob Newby costume.

Follow them to get ready for your next Halloween costume party or convention and impress other fans of Stranger Things.

Bob Newby Costume

About Bob Newby

Bob Newby is a kindhearted character in the show, Stranger Things. He ends up dating Joyce Byers, a mother who briefly went crazy after losing her son.

He is considered to be a rather sweet and innocent man, and it shows when he gets pulled into the world of Upside Down. He does his best to help his friends navigate the difficult world in spite of his naive nature.

Bob Newby is smart and nerdy. He loves solving puzzles and using new technology. He endeared himself to the fans of Stranger Things and then died at the hands of a demo dog in his attempt to save Joyce.

Bob Newby Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Bob Newby?

1. “Shall I teach you French while I’m at it, Jim? How about a little German?”

2. “It’s gonna be okay. Remember, Bob Newby, superhero.”

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