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Fans of Disney’s Snow White will love to dress up as the Evil Queen. She is also known as the Wicked Queen.

There is not much known about the Evil Queen. In Snow White, she is Snow White’s father’s second wife. This makes her Snow White’s stepmother.

The queen is very vain and is determined to be the most beautiful thing in existence.

This makes her jealous of Snow White and drives her to give the girl a poisoned apple.

You’ll Need:

  1. Evil Queen Costume
  2. Crown and Collar Cape
  3. Fake Apple
  4. Black Heel

DIY Evil Queen Costume Guide

If you love the bad guys, you will love the Evil Queen costume. Below, we will show you how to make one.

Start off the costume with a long, strapless purple dress. Over the dress, wear a sheer black mesh top.

Around your waist, you can tie a red rope to mimic old-fashioned belt styles. Drape a long purple cloak over your shoulders to get her to look.

On her head, the Evil Queen wears a golden crown. On her feet, she wears black high heels.

Accessorize with a necklace, and grab an apple to carry around with you as a prop.

Evil Queen Cosplay Costume

The Evil Queen costume is a good choice for those who love dramatic attire. Anyone who is drawn to royal garb will enjoy dressing as her, even if you’ve never seen Snow White.

You can enhance this costume by having friends dress up as Snow White or even her Seven Dwarfs.

In the article above, we have shown you how to dress up like the Evil Queen. Follow the Evil Queen costume guide to get ready for your next Halloween party or convention.

Evil Queen Costume

About Evil Queen

The Evil Queen, also known as the Wicked Queen, is the stepmother of Snow White. She is an arrogant and vain woman who wants to be the most beautiful in the kingdom.

This desire drives her to be envious of Snow Whitem, who is known to be the “fairest of the land.” She ends up poisoning her with an apple in hopes of getting rid of her.

Evil Queen Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Evil Queen?

1. “Every hero is a villain, and every villain is a hero. It just depends on who you ask.”

2. “I peered at Farrah and suddenly understood why the Seven Dwarves had sung their song. “Hi…ho.”

3. “Behold. I am an Evil Queen, and I like to cuddle.”

4. “Evil isn’t born, it’s made. One thought and action at a time.” I paused for effect. “Take a good look at what you’ve made.”

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