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Bulma Cosplay is the most common one in the otaku world. All the characters from Dragon Ball enjoy a special fandom, and the same goes for Bulma.

Apart from being Vegata’swife, she is famous for being a cool mother to Trunks. She played the roles of both a supporting and a main character. She is a cheerful lady with a blend of tomboy and feminine personalities.

Her world revolves around her, and this is why she only thinks about her needs, no matter how useless they may be. Therefore, in the beginning, she wanted the Dragon Balls only to get a good boyfriend.

However, throughout the anime, one gets to see many shades of this temperamental lady. All in all, without her, the Dragon Ball series would have been less entertaining.

You’ll Need:

  1. Red Short Maxi
  2. Bulma Wig
  3. Yellow Scarf
  4. Gold Earrings
  5. Red Sneakers
  6. Gold Bracelet
  7. Blue Socks

Bulma Cosplay DIY Guide

Bulma’s Cosplay is waiting for you if you are an extrovert who loves being girly and being a tomboy. Arranging the Bulma Costume isn’t that hard if you follow our Bulma Cosplay Costume DIY Guide.

Bulma’s sense of fashion is admirable; luckily, it doesn’t cost much effort. She usually wears a one-piece dress, so you’ll need a short red maxi.

Then, to look stylish, wear a yellow scarf, blue socks, and red sneakers. We haven’t ever seen Bulma without the proper makeup and accessories, right?

So you know what to do! Get gold jewelry to get the Bulma look. Now if you stand in front of the mirror, you’ll see Bulma without green hair, right? So simply grab a green wig and introduce yourself as Bulma!

Bulma Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Bulma Cosplay Costume

Bulma’s appearance has changed countless times throughout the anime, but this one was by far the best. If you enjoy a decent and elegant look that can grab the spotlight, just try Bulma Cosplay Costume. Bulma’s character is designed so beautifully that she effortlessly attracts the audience.

The way she wears red sneakers with the dress makes her look relaxed and comfortable. So, to get this comfy yet decent look, you know what to do!

You can carry the Bulma Cosplay Costume almost everywhere without any fear. It’s perfect for gatherings and parties; isn’t it great?

Toriyama sensei wanted to give her a Western look. Therefore, it’s best for lovers of Western clothing to try it at least once.

Bulma Cosplay

About Bulma From Dragon Ball

It may not look like it, but this intelligent, spoiled brat is actually a talented scientist. In fact, without Bulma’s genius, Goku and the team’s lives wouldn’t have been easier.

Surprising people with her exceptional knowledge of Alien Technology is her thing. Bulma is a good-hearted individual. Mostly, she shows girly traits, which makes her entertaining. These include being concerned about her appearance and hygiene.

With time, she becomes more mature and more focused on sharpening her knowledge. Her chemistry with everyone’s favorite Vegeta is no less than a visual treat.

What is the most famous quote from Bulma?

1. “[in a Playboy bunny costume, furiously]  Hey, What’s This, Easter? This Is No Outfit; It’s A Costume, And I Look Ridiculous In It, Oolong!”

2. “Well, I Wouldn’t Put It Past You!”

3. “[walks away]  You Little Perv!”

4. “Hey, What’s This, Easter? This Is No Outfit, It’s A Costume! And I Look Ridiculous In It, Oolong!”

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