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The A-Spen costume mimics the one worn by A-Spen, a character in Zombies 3. This was a Disney Channel original movie.

A-Spen is a non-binary person who is played by the actor Terry Hu, who is also non-binary. A-Spen is an ultra-intelligent person who is also a telepathic alien. They stand in as the leaders of the aliens themselves.

During the movie, their spaceship lands on Earth. Though it at first looks alarming, they come in peace.

Once they have spent some time on Earth, A-Spen begins to feel love for the first time. The movie follows these characters as they navigate their time on Earth and all that comes with it.

Keep reading to learn how to cosplay as A-Spen with this A-Spen costume guide.

You’ll Need:

  1. A-Spen Costume
  2. Dangle Hoop Earrings
  3. Silver Storm Nail Polish
  4. Silver Boots

DIY A-Spen Costume Guide

To get started on this A-Spen costume, you will first need a white short-sleeve shirt. Be sure that it has a high turtleneck.

In the white shirt, you can wear a blue vest. If it doesn’t have buttons or studs, you can add your own along the seams.

Underneath the white shirt, you can hide a long-sleeve silver metallic crop top. Match its silver sleeves with a pair of silver metallic gloves.

On their lower half, they don a pair of royal blue casual pants. This brings the blue hue from the top down.

Wear a metallic silver belt around your hips and adorn yourself with various metallic body jewels as well.

On your feet, you can wear metallic galaxy snow boots to complete the look.

One of the most defining features of A-Spen is their hair. To get their look, you’ll need to get a wig. Look for one that is short and light blue, such as a pixie cut.

You can trim it to look more like A-Spen’s. If you already have short hair, you could instead use one-off blue dye on it.

Zombies 3 – Zed makes A-Spen Cry | Halloween Costume Ideas

A-Spen Costume Cosplay

Because A-Spen is non-binary, they are popular characters with their non-binary fans. This makes them a favored cosplay.

Their attire is vibrant and mostly composed of blue. If that’s your favorite color, you’re sure to love this.

It is also a fun choice for anyone who likes futuristic apparel and ensembles. Their outfit looks very space-age.

A-Spen costume featured

About A-Spen

A-Spen is an alien from outer space and the leader of all aliens. They are non-binary and present rather androgynously.

A-Spen’s alien ship lands on Earth at one point in the movie. They are friendly and curious and have no intention of harming Earthlings.

While on Earth, A-Spen begins to explore a range of things. This includes not only aspects of Earth but also aspects of themselves.

As A-Spen starts experiencing feelings of love, they learn all about what it is like to be human.

In the article above, we have shown you how to create an A-Spen costume. By following the steps in this guide, you’ll have an A-Spen costume ready for a Halloween party or convention in no time.

What is the most famous quote from A-Spen?

1. “Excited! That’s An Emotion. It Feels So Exciting!”

2. “We don’t have tissues … but you can use my sleeve [to] cry.”

3. “Harmony isn’t silence. Unity isn’t sameness. Love is powerful.”

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