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Taken from the movie Big Hero 6, the Tadashi Hamada costume reflects the character Tadashi.

Tadashi Hamada is the older brother of Hiro Hamada. He is a tech wizard who is bright and capable.

Tadashi Hamada was actually responsible for creating Baymax. Baymax is a helpful robot that serves as a personal healthcare companion.

Unfortunately, Tadashi Hamada succumbs to death in a sudden fire. The fire does not seem accidental, and his loved ones know that.

Baymax and Hiro work with some of Tadashi Hamada’s best friends to figure out who was responsible for the death of such a kind-hearted and generous person.

You’ll Need:

  1. Dickies Short Sleeve Tee
  2. Green Blazer
  3. Khaki Cardigan
  4. Brown Skinny Jeans
  5. Brown Leather Messenger Bag
  6. MLB Clean-Up Cap
  7. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

DIY Tadashi Hamada Costume Guide

To kick off Tadashi Hamada’s style of dress, you will first need to secure the black and white ninja tee that he wears. Then, you can shrug on a light brown V-neck cardigan complete with buttons along the bottom.

Over the layered tops, you’ll need to wear a slim-fit gray jacket with a single button. On your lower half, you can step into a pair of slim-fit brown chino pants.

Place a red and black MLB baseball cap atop your head and carry a brown leather messenger bag with you to accessorize like Tadashi Hamada.

The last piece of the Tadashi Hamada costume is his shoes. To finish off the ensemble, you will need to wear a pair of light blue or green high-top shoes.

Hiro and Tadashi – Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Tadashi Hamada Costume Cosplay

Tadashi Hamada was a tech guy who dressed in “smart” attire. He always looked clean and well dressed.

Even so, the clothing he wore was never super fancy. It was business casual, so many of the pieces you may already own.

Due to the nature of the costume, this Tadashi Hamada costume may make a good subtle daytime costume. It should also be very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Turn this Tadashi Hamada costume into something special by making it a part of a group costume; have some other friends dress as other characters from the movie to accomplish this.

Tadashi Hamada Costume featured

About Tadashi Hamada

Tadashi Hamada is a tech genius who is responsible for creating Baymax, perhaps the most notable character from the movie Big Hero 6.

Tadashi Hamada made a name for himself after creating Baymax, who serves as a personal healthcare assistant.

Unfortunately, Tadashi Hamada doesn’t live long enough to truly see Baymax’s impact. He was killed in a sudden fire.

This leads Hiro, Baymax, and several of Tadashi Hamada’s friends to take it upon themselves to find out what or who started the fire.

In this article, we have shown you the steps to take to recreate the Tadashi Hamada costume. Follow them to prepare your costume for your next convention or costume party.

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