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The Evil Audrey’s Descendants 3 costume comes from the franchise Descendants 3. She is one of the most popular characters in the franchise.

Audrey is the daughter of Queen Aurora in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. This makes her a princess, and her personality certainly shows it.

Audrey is a vain and arrogant woman who is convinced she is the most beautiful girl. She will do anything to get rid of competition so that she always stands out.

Where she was once an effortlessly royal and regal girl, she ended up becoming a villain. Before the arrival of the villain kids, she believed she was the most important.

Ultimately, Audrey turns into the villain she hated and becomes a villain herself when she is lured into Maleficent. This turns her into Evil Audrey.

In this article, you’ll see how to dress as Evil Audrey.

You’ll Need:

  1. Evil Audrey Descendants 3 Costume
  2. Evil Audrey Wig
  3. Audrey Crown
  4. Pink Ankle Boots
  5. Evil Audrey Staff
  6. Black Nail Paint

DIY Evil Audrey Costume Guide

Due to the unique appearance of Evil Audrey, you will need to obtain a special jumpsuit. On your feet, you can finish off the base of your ensemble with a pair of pink ankle boots to match.

Evil Audrey carries around with her the scepter that ended up turning her evil in the first place, so find Maleficent’s scepter to carry.

Add a touch of darkness to the ensemble by painting your nails black. Finally, you will need a princess crown to wear atop your pink and light blue wig.

If you do not want to piece the costume together individually, you don’t have to. Available for purchase online, you will get full costume sets for Evil Audrey.

Evil Audrey Cosplay and Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Evil Audrey Costume Cosplay

The Evil Audrey costume is colorful. It is a take on typical princess attire with a dark twist. Those who enjoy the “pastel goth” aesthetic are sure to love the look of the Evil Audrey costume.

One way to make this costume even more special is to have some friends dress as other characters from the franchise. Maleficent, in particular, would be an excellent choice.

Evil Audrey (Descendants 3) Costume featured

About Evil Audrey

Evil Audrey is the villainous version of Princess Audrey, the daughter of Prince Phillip and Queen Aurora. Being a royal comes easily to the young woman, and she seems very comfortable in her role.

This does make her overconfident, however, making her very self-centered. She believes that she is the most special and beautiful student in her school.

When the villainous kids arrive, things change for the princess. After being manipulated by Maleficent using her scepter, Audrey turns into a villain herself.

Once she is turned dark, she is known as Evil Audrey. Many fans of Descendants love this character and like to cosplay in her colorful costume.

Above, you’ve learned how to create your own Evil Audrey costume. You can follow the steps to prepare it for your next convention or Halloween party.

What is the most famous quote from Evil Audrey?

1. “I was hoping you were home.”

2. “Well, I wanted them, so I took them. You of all people should understand that, Mal.”

3. “I want to be dangerous! My life was perfect until you stole it… and then Auradon turned its back on me. Well, it’s time for a little payback.”

4. “QUIET!”

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