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An Undyne costume from Undertale is sure to make a wave among cosplayers who grew up enjoying role-playing games.

Undyne, also known as “StrongFish91” on the UnderNet, is a fish-like monster that gloriously leads the Royal Guard. She is the “Heroine that NEVER gives up.”

She envelops herself in a full suit of armor as she pursues the player through the entirety of Waterfall, but is typically evaded or inadvertently thwarted by Monster Kid.

Undyne is very passionate about everything she does. She is quick to act on her ideas and is steadfast in her beliefs.

Her badass aquatic appearance just radiates how much determination she has!

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Tank Top
  2. Leather Jacket
  3. Black Jeans
  4. Long Red Wig
  5. Fish Terran Ear
  6. Pirate Eye Patch
  7. Blue Body Paint
  8. Red Boots
  9. Spear Props

DIY Undertale Undyne Costume Guide

Undyne’s appearance as a piscine, an anthropomorphic monster, inadvertently led to her great popularity among the masses.

Her bright and colorful skin tone and hair color make this a real “fish-out-of-water” cosplay!

Armed with our Undyne costume guide below, you can bring her to life once again.

Start off with a comfy pair of plain black jeans. Complement this with a very plain black tank top.

Procure a sturdy black eye patch for your left eye. Follow up with a pair of red-colored fish ears to give the ensemble a better fishy feel.

Purchase a long red wig to mimic her flowing high ponytail. Don’t forget to cover all of your exposed skin with light blue body paint.

Finally, buy a pair of bright red cosplay boots to show off her badassery. An optional item is Undyne’s signature spear, which is just as tall as she is.

DIY: Undyne Costume & Makeup | Undertale | Halloween Costume Ideas

Undertale Undyne Cosplay Costume

Over time, Undyne has become a sort of Aquatic Warrior icon among gamers. Her badass and no-nonsense manner of dress and fish-like features are easily recognized by most.  

If you love cosplaying anthropomorphic characters, this might be the ideal choice for you!

Embrace your inner relentless warrior and buckle up for this epic Undyne costume.

Why not try an Undertale group cosplay this Halloween with all your friends? Get your brothers and sisters-in-arms to cosplay as Alphys, Asgore Dreemurr, Papyrus, and Gerson to stand out as the “fishiest” group!

Undertale Undyne Costume

About Undyne from Undertale

Undyne is determined to defeat the protagonist in Undertale, but she is also a very fair person who loves to help others and even mentors Shyren and Papyrus in various skills.

She was taught the value of Pacifism by Asgore, which is also why she views the player as a “wimpy loser with a big heart.”

When we first meet her, she fights to progress Asgore’s plan of collecting seven human SOULs. But if we choose to show mercy, she is just as quick to defend us against Asgore.

Undyne is widely known to dislike puzzles, love japes, enjoy playing the piano, collect weaponry, and watch anime. Her romantic interest, Alphys, has told her that anime is actually human history. Regardless, she considers it quite cool and exciting!

What is the most famous quote from Undertale Undyne?

1. “I’ll make you like me so much. Your whole life will revolve around me!! Fuhuhuhuhu!!!”

2. “Why would i ever be friends with you!? If you weren’t my houseguest, i’d beat you up right now!”

3. “You’re gonna have to try a little harder than that.”

4. “I won’t die!”

5. “I’m not your freaking kindergarten teacher!”

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