Last-Minute Gaster Costume Idea

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  1. Turtleneck Shirt
  2. Black Body Paint
  3. Trench Coat
  4. Black Pants
  5. Black Shoes
  6. White Gloves
  7. Undertale Gaster  Mask

Easy DIY Undertale Gaster Costume Guide

The W. D. Gaster is a character from the beloved indie role-playing game Undertale. He is mysterious and enigmatic, and his role in the game is mostly shrouded in secrecy. From what we know, he was the Royal Scientist before Alphys, stated to possess irreplaceable brilliance, and his Followers imply that he created the CORE before disappearing. During the regular gameplay, Gaster goes unmentioned, but River Person, rare Fun Value events, and certain Inaccessible Rooms hint at his essential existence.

To dress like Gaster, wear a long black trench coat, white turtleneck shirt, simple black slacks, and black shoes. And wear white gloves and get a W. D. Gaster mask that covers the entirety of your head.

About W. D. Gaster From Undertale

Gaster’s story in “Undertale” follows a cryptic and mysterious narrative, with crucial information provided in Room 264 (room_gaster) in the True Lab. This room displays a Wingdings-translated message that appears to be the seventeenth lab entry. However, this entry has two versions, one attributed to Gaster and the other to Alphys. In the Gaster entry, obtained through SAVE manipulation or debug mode, the screen goes black briefly before the game closes. The accompanying audio, labeled “mus_smile” in the game files, can be manipulated to reveal Muffet’s laugh.

There is a connection to Gaster and the phrase “The Man who Speaks in Hands.” During travels with the River Person, they warn us to “Beware of the man who speaks in hands,” possibly alluding to Gaster. This reference gains significance due to the hand symbols used in the Wingdings text of Entry Number Seventeen. Additionally, the River Person mentions another warning: “Beware of the man who came from the other world.” This line could also pertain to Gaster or the monster So Sorry.

We fans of Undertale appreciate the depth and mystery Gasters bring to the game’s lore. The ambiguity surrounding his existence has fueled curiosity and fan theories about his role in the game’s universe. His limited appearance and the need for unconventional methods to access information about him make him more iconic, as some players enjoy the challenge of piecing together the fragments of Gaster’s story!

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