Last-Minute Toad Costume Idea

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  1. Toad Costume
  2. Skin Color Shirt
  3. White Trousers
  4. Toad Hat
  5. Chestnut Shoes

Easy DIY Toad Halloween Costume Guide

Toad is one of the most memorable characters of the Super Mario franchise. He is Princess Peach’s attendant, a good friend of Mario and Luigi, and a longtime protector of the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad is typically cheerful and excitable, often wearing a broad smile. Despite his occasional cowardice, he can be brave when necessary, assisting Mario on various adventures.

To dress like Toad, wear Toad costumes and chestnut-colored shoes. To complete the costume, wear a toad hat.

About Toad From The Super Mario franchise

Toad’s character tends to play various roles across different media in the franchise. In Super Mario Bros. 2, he teams up with Mario, Luigi, and Peach to defeat the villainous Wart and ultimately save the land of Subcon. He is known for his strength and speed but has limitations when jumping. In Super Mario Bros. 3, he writes a letter to Peach warning her about the threat posed by the villain Bowser. He also runs Toad’s Houses, providing power-ups in the game, and takes a central role in Wario’s Woods, where he defeats Wario with the help of Birdo and Wanda.

He is a helpful sidekick; his involvement in various adventures makes each occasion more fulfilling. However, there’s no denying he is somewhat one-dimensional, with some stereotypical traits. In some portrayals, he is shown to be quite accident-prone or unlucky as well. Although occasionally impatient, he is generally kind and polite, rooting for the well-being of his friends, and even possesses a sarcastic streak at times. As Peach’s caretaker, he is somewhat naïve and selfish, often getting into trouble due to his rash actions. In the Super Mario Bros. Movie, he is highly energetic, impulsive, and adventurous. Despite occasionally crossing into foolishness, he remains fiercely loyal to Peach, vowing to protect her and facing challenges with determination, too.

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