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So you want to amaze everyone with a T-Bo ICarly costume at your next cosplay event? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’re here to help you nail his unique look!

T-Bo is portrayed by actor and comedian BooG!e, generally pronounced “Boogie”, in the TV series “iCarly. He first appeared in the fourth season, in the episode titled “iSam’s Mom,” back in 2010.

He is a recurring character in the series and is known for his quirky personality and unique occupation. He often serves as the owner and proprietor of the Groovy Smoothie, a popular smoothie and snack shop frequented by the main characters.

He is such a memorable character, and it’s our duty to do this cosplay justice. So let’s jump right into the process!

You’ll Need:

  1. Orange Polo Shirt
  2. Purple Long Sleeves Top
  3. Braided Wig
  4. Black Pants
  5. Purple Bandana
  6. Fake Donuts
  7. Silver Hoop Earring
  8. Stick

T-Bo ICarly Costume DIY Guide

Let’s go through this epic transformation one step at a time, so follow our T-Bo Costume Guide to mimic his look with ease.

Get started by procuring a quirky purple long-sleeve top as the base. Now, put on a simple orange shirt over it.

Moving on, get yourself a simple pair of black pants—nothing too complex. Follow up with a long braided wig that reaches around your elbows.

For the next piece, you will need a bright purple bandana to go over the wig. You’ll also need a pair of silver hoop earrings to really bring out his aesthetic.

You will need a long stick as a prop; just be careful not to hurt anyone with it. Finally, purchase some fake donuts to complete the look!

Tbo Icarly Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

T-Bo ICarly Cosplay Costume

T-Bo is characterized by his eccentric behavior, which includes wearing unusual clothing and accessories. He would even wear a bag over his head or a giant coffee cup as a hat.

He has a friendly and outgoing personality and is known for his catchphrase, “Smoothie time! This is because his primary occupation involves serving a variety of smoothies and other beverages.

So embrace the smoothie enthusiast within yourself and make everyone giggle with this T-Bo costume. Luckily, this is a pretty simple ensemble you can put together in no time.

On that note, why not attempt an iCarly Cosplay while you’re at it? Get your friends to dress up as Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, and Spencer Shay to crash any party with you.

T-Bo Icarly Costume

About T-Bo From ICarly

T-Bo occasionally engages in bizarre business ventures and schemes. As such, his interactions often lead to comedic situations and humorous moments.

Throughout the series, he constantly interacts with the main characters, including Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer.  His character adds a comedic and lighthearted element to the show in the process.

Due to his quirky nature and the absurdity of his actions, he has been involved in various memorable moments and comedic storylines throughout the series. His humorous antics and unique sense of style have made him a fan-favorite character among viewers.

What is the most famous quote from Tbo Icarly?

1. “Hey, can I help you?”

2. “You want some bagels?”

3. “Here’s your smoothie.”

4. “You want a bagel with that?”

5. “Would the gentleman care for a pickle?”

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