Last-Minute T-Bo Costume Idea

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  1. Orange Polo Shirt
  2. Purple Long Sleeves Top
  3. Braided Wig
  4. Black Pants
  5. Purple Bandana
  6. Fake Donuts
  7. Silver Hoop Earring
  8. Stick

Easy DIY T-Bo Icarly Costume Guide

T-Bo is portrayed by actor BooG!e in the TV series iCarly. He first appeared in the fourth season, in the episode titled “iSam’s Mom,” in 2010. He owns and proprietors the Groovy Smoothie, a famous smoothie and snack shop.

To dress like a T-Bo, get started by procuring a quirky purple long-sleeve top as the base. Now, put on a simple orange shirt over it. Get yourself a simple pair of black pants. Follow up with a long braided wig that reaches around your elbows. You will need a bright purple bandana for the next piece to go over the wig. You’ll also need a pair of silver hoop earrings to bring out his aesthetic. You will need a string of doughnuts as a prop to complete the look!

About T-Bo From ICarly

T-Bo has a quirky personality, which includes wearing unusual clothing and accessories. He wore a bag or a giant coffee cup over his head as a hat. He has a friendly and outgoing personality and is known for his catchphrase, “Smoothie time! He serves a variety of smoothies and other beverages for customers.

T-Bo often pursues unconventional business ventures that lead to humorous situations. Throughout the series, he constantly interacts with the main characters, including Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer. His character adds a comedic and lighthearted to the show. His humorous antics and unique style have made him a fan-favorite character among viewers. 

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