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Fans of Marvel Comics will instantly be able to recognize the Squirrel Girl costume. She is a character in comic books whose real name is Doreen Green.

Squirrel Girl makes her first appearance in the Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special. She instantly makes a name for herself with her unique ability to talk to squirrels specifically.

Though it may not seem like an important power on its face, it really is. Due to the huge number of squirrels in nature, Squirrel Girl is able to use them to overwhelm villains often.

She is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe, even as unsuspecting as she seems. At first, she was humble and didn’t really think of herself as a superhero.

That all changed when she grew more confident and saw how her abilities could contribute to the cause of good. She eventually joined the Great Lakes Avengers.

You’ll Need:

  1. Brown Shapewear
  2. Leather Cropped Jacket
  3. Grey Leggings
  4. Orange Wig
  5. Squirrel Girl Tail
  6. Squirrel Ears Headband
  7. Squirrel Girl Boots
  8. Khaki Tactical Belt
  9. Squirrel Stuffed Toy
  10. Acorn Earrings

DIY Squirrel Girl Cosplay Guide

If you love the quirky Squirrel Girl superhero, you can dress up just like her.

Much like her name might suggest, Squirrel Girl looks a bit like a squirrel. Her outfit is mostly shades of brown.

To begin, you will need brown shapewear and a leather cropped jacket paired with grey leggings.

Around your waist, you should wear a khaki tactical belt. Wear a pair of Squirrel Girl boots with fur linings on your feet.

Accessorize yourself with squirrel ears headband, squirrel tail, and a pair of acorn earrings to keep to the theme.

You can finish off your look by getting a squirrel stuffed toy.

Squirrel Girl Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Squirrel Girl Cosplay Costume

Squirrel Girl is a beloved character among female fans of Marvel. She is well-loved for her cute appearance, which is very different from how most other superheroes look.

Those who prefer to dress in a unique way can benefit from wearing the Squirrel Girl costume.

It becomes even better when you use it as part of a group costume and have other friends dress up as the superheroes that she fights with.

Squirrel Girl Cosplay

About Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl is a famous character from the Marvel comic books. When she first made her appearance, her abilities seemed underwhelming.

This is due to the fact that her primary ability comes in the form of being able to speak with squirrels. Since there are so many squirrels in the world, though, this power has proven useful time and time again.

She is a quirky character with a fun personality. At first, she was humble and didn’t consider herself much of a superhero.

Eventually, she joined the Great Lakes Avengers and saw just what she was capable of.

What is the most famous quote from Squirrel Girl?

1. “‘I don’t believe in monsters. Beneath that cold metal mask, you’re still human. Human like me. I believe you’ll listen to reason. And I don’t believe humans stop being human even when they pretend their monsters.”

2. “It’s time to eat nuts…and kick…butts?”

3. We don’t stop that robbery, then we’re saving a planet where crime pays and hostages get shot! No, that’s not how
it’s gonna be. We’re saving the hostages and the planet, Tippy.”

4. “I guess I’m not joining anime club after all. I guess I’m just gonna have to go kick Galactus’s butt instead.”

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