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Those who enjoy experimenting with toys and playing destructively will enjoy this Sid Costume.

Throughout Toy Story, Sid Phillips plays a major antagonist role. He is Andy’s neighbor.

He is self-centered and disturbed and only knows that toys are alive. His toys can be seen as evidence that he enjoys destroying and torturing them.

Exactly the same way that kids often have nightmares about monsters beneath their beds, toys experience them when confronted by Sid, and both have similar nightmares about him.

You’ll Need:

  1. Sid T-shirt
  2. Fake Braces
  3. Demin Jeans
  4. Woody Action Figure
  5. Buzz Lightyear Action Figure
  6. Black Converse

DIY Sid Costume Guide

Sid is notorious for not taking good care of his toys. In response to watching toys come to life and his actions turning against him to save Buzz Lightyear, Sid became afraid of the toys as a result.

The Sid from Toy Story costume guide is all you need to start dressing up as the destructive skater boy.

Make your appearance as Sid by wearing Sid T-shirt, Demin Jeans, and Black Converse paired with Fake Braces.

Take some action figures like Woody or Buzz Lightyear that you can dismember so that you can show off your abilities!

Sid Cosplay Costume

As a cosplay option, this Sid costume would make a great addition to any Toy Story collection. This is such a good piece of gear that you could wear it on any given day!

An everyday clothing staple would be the skull t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers that can be found in any closet. The only thing that Sid needs to complete his look is fake braces.

In spite of the fact that you may not wish to have Sid’s personality, looking like him is so easy. It would be more effective if you also brought a broken toy along with your Sid Cosplay Costume in order to maximize the effect.

There is also a great idea to participate in group cosplay for the Toy Story family costumes. Let your friends to dress up as Jessie, Woody, Bo Peep, Barbie, and Ken and go the cosplay event with you. You are sure to stand out as an iconic group.

Sid Costume

About Sid from Toy Story

In Toy Story, Sid is an 11-year-old and a brattish skater punk. Erik von Detten provided the voice of Sid. 

Using her toys for experiments, he mixes and matches parts of various toys and performs operations on them.

In an attempt to make Hannah’s doll look more like a pterodactyl, Sid replaced Hannah’s doll’s head with a toy one. He acted like a mad scientist.

In addition to burning toys and even making them explode, he is known for making them explode.

The toys turned on Sid, who promised never to hurt a toy again after they turned on him to rescue Buzz. Besides this, Sid’s attitude is unchanged.

Sid Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Sid?

1. “Did I get my package in the mail?”

2. “No-one has ever attempted a double bypass brain transplant before.”

3. “She’s lying! Whatever she says is not true!”

4. “Oh yeah! Time for lift off!”

5. “Oh No Hannah, look at Janey! She’s Sick!”

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