McLovin (Superbad) Costume

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Mclovin costume in Superbad is one of the easiest to put together and would certainly spice up your night.

In the film Superbad, Mclovin is a character that plays an important role. Fogell, their other friend, shares how he plans to obtain a fake ID and uses it to purchase alcohol.

A robber stole the alcohol from him after he bought it. McLovin searches for his manhood through a night filled with thrills, chills, and plenty of alcohol.

The movie was successful because it was relatable to teenagers and to adults who enjoyed looking back on their youth.

You’ll Need:

  1. Button Down Shirt
  2. Brown Vest
  3. Black Chino Pants
  4. Retro Clear Lens Glasses
  5. McLovin License

DIY McLovin Costume Guide

Due to Superbad’s awkward teenage characters, it’s fairly straightforward to come up with something.

There are many things about McLovin that make him stand out, from his oval-shaped glasses to his bad fashion choices.

The perfect way to complete your high school look would be to wear Button Down Shirts, Formal Suit Vests, Men’s Chino Pants, and retro glasses.

Most importantly, don’t forget to get a McLovin Licence to add a final touch to this “grown-up” clothing.

McLovin Cosplay Costume

No matter what occasion you’re attending, this outfit will work whether you’re getting drunk at a school party or cruising with the police.

Make sure that you layer your shirt with a brown vest and start your look with a striped button-down shirt. After that, wear a pair of black pants to match the top. With the help of your nerd eyeglasses, you can complete your McLovin Costume perfectly.

It would be a bad idea for you to attend this party alone. The better way to make this year’s event even more memorable is to arrange a costume party so a few friends can dress as Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen or as Officers Slater and Michaels.

McLovin Costume

About McLovin from Superbad

In the 2007 comedy movie Superbad, McLovin, whose real name is Fogell, appears as a character named McLovin. Teenage boys who are leaving high school to attend college are in the film in search of the best night of their lives.

Fogell buys alcohol under the name McLovin using a fake ID he gets under the name McLovin. In the meantime, McLovin becomes the subject of a burglary investigation and is questioned by the police.

Fogell gained newfound confidence during the time he spent with the police, and now, when he is at the party, he can converse with girls without feeling nervous about anything.

As a result of McLovin’s new police friends, he is given a new name. For McLovin to be able to give himself a new identity, he had to turn to these new police friends who were willing to help him.

McLovin Clips from Superbad| Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from McLovin?

1. “Chicka Chicka yeah! Fake ID, fake ID.”

2. “It’s Fogell.”

3. “I am Mclovin.”

4. “Gangstas”

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