Eliza Thornberry Costume 0 (0)

Eliza Thornberry Costume

The Wild Thornberrys introduced Eliza to the world in 1998, and children all over the world immediately fell in love with her. Eliza Thornberry, the older sister of Debbie Thornberry, portrays a tomgirl in The Wild Thornberrys. Despite the fact that only her older sister is aware of her ability to communicate with animals, she … Read more

Sid (Toy Story) Costume 0 (0)

Sid Costume

Those who enjoy experimenting with toys and playing destructively will enjoy this Sid Costume. Throughout Toy Story, Sid Phillips plays a major antagonist role. He is Andy’s neighbor. He is self-centered and disturbed and only knows that toys are alive. His toys can be seen as evidence that he enjoys destroying and torturing them. Exactly … Read more