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The Sarah Lynn costume comes from the Netflix series, Bojack Horseman. On the old fictional sitcom in the show, Horsin’ Around, she played the daughter of Sabrina.

Sarah Lynn is a former pop star and actress who is interested in becoming an architect. Her dreams were crushed by her mother, who told her that she couldn’t due to the sacrifices she made to make her daughter famous.

Ultimately, Sarah Lynn ended up as another washed-up celebrity. This had consequences for her personal and professional life as she turned to drugs and alcohol to cope.

Her friendship with Bojack leaves her exposed to a slew of bad ideas and bad advice, which only complicates her issues.

In the article below, you’ll learn how to make your own Sarah Lynn costume. Follow along to learn how.


You’ll Need:

  1. Sarah Lynn Shirt
  2. Light Brown Wig
  3. Black Denim Shorts
  4. Red Lipstick
  5. Gold Glitter Shoes

DIY Sarah Lynn Costume Guide

Sarah Lynn wears a unique shirt that consists of a split design; on one side are purple and white skulls, and on the other, there are purple and white stripes. Blue sleeves flank this design.

You can get a shirt that has been specifically made to look like hers to achieve her look. She also wears a pair of black shorts.

On her feet, Sarah Lynn wears a pair of gold glitter shoes, which add some more color to her look. She wears neutral eye shadow and dark red lipstick.

Sarah Lynn has light brown shoulder-length hair. If your hair doesn’t already look like hers, you can get a wig to get the look.

Sarah Lynn | Halloween Costume Ideas

Sarah Lynn Cosplay Costume

Even though Sarah Lynn was once a famous celebrity, she doesn’t dress like one anymore. Her new lifestyle instead finds her dressing in more casual clothing, though it still has a stylish edge.

The nature of the costume makes it a good choice for the warmer days of spring or fall with its combination of shorts and a long sleeve button-up.

Makes the Sarah Lynn costume stand out even more by incorporating the cosplay into group cosplay. Have other friends dress up as characters from Bojack Horseman, like Todd Chavez, BoJack Horseman, Kelsey Jannings, Mr. Peanutbutter, and Princess Carolyn, to accomplish this goal.

Sarah Lynn Costume

About Sarah Lynn from Bojack Horseman

Sarah Lynn is a character on Bojack Horseman. She met Bojack when she acted in his former sitcom, Horsin’ Around.

Sarah Lynn has been an actress since the age of three when her stage mom went to great lengths to secure her some jobs. As she grows up, Sarah Lynn expresses interest in pursuing other career paths. These dreams are cut short by her mother.

In the end, Sarah Lynn becomes a washed-up celebrity who is quite jaded. To manage the emotional consequences of this, she turns to drugs and alcohol.

Her friendship with the equally jaded Bojack means she gets constant bad advice from him, only worsening her state.

What is the most famous quote from Sarah Lynn?

1. “Hey, did you hear Kazzaz got cancer?”

2. “I dunno. The sun setting over those two hills made me think of a big ass, and that made me think of ass cancer, and that made me think of Herb Kazzaz’s ass cancer.”

3. “It’s ok. Sarah Lynn, you are calm, you are thin. Your skin is so soft it’s like you murdered a baby and stole its skin. Your skin is murdered baby soft.”

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