Last-Minute Richard Simmons Costume Idea

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  1. Red Tank
  2. Brown Afro Wig
  3. Running Shorts
  4. Red Sweatbands and Wristbands
  5. Skechers Sneakers
  6. White Socks

Easy DIY Richard Simmons Costume Guide

Richard Simmons is one of the best-known fitness trainers in the world, born Milton Teagle Simmons. The flamboyant American fitness icon Richard Simmons is known for his unique exercise programs that have assisted countless numbers of people in losing weight. Undoubtedly, most people are familiar with his aerobic video series, Sweatin’ to the Oldies.

To dress like Richard Simmons, you will need a Red Tank, Running Shorts, and Skechers Sneakers to nail his iconic look. You can take your workout look to the next level with Red Sweatbands, Red Wristbands, and White Socks. Finally, get a Brown Afro Wig to complete your Richard Simmons costume.

About Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons is a fitness guru, a comedian, and a highly charismatic and eccentric individual.

Despite being overweight as a young man, Richard lost weight through dedication and passion. During Simmons’ time in Los Angeles, he noticed that many gyms specialized in helping fit people become even fitter, resulting in the opening of Slimmons, a gym with Simmons himself leading workouts.

In addition to owning a gym and residing in Beverly Hills, California, His training has been going on for decades among “normal” people. Sweatin’ to the Oldies was his most popular workout DVD, which gained him widespread fame.

As a result of his efforts over the years, he has helped millions of people lose weight. He most notably appeared on “The David Letterman Show” in the 1990s.

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