My Bloody Valentine Costume Idea

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  1. Blue Coveralls
  2. Mining Headlamp
  3. Black Gas Mask
  4. Fake Pickaxe
  5. Black Gloves
  6. Black Boots
  7. Brown Tool Belt
  8. Black Hard Hat

Easy DIY My Bloody Valentine Costume Guide

“My Bloody Valentine” is a Canadian slasher movie released in 1981. It tells the story of a group of young adults who throw a Valentine’s Day party, only to incur the vengeful wrath of a maniac in mining gear who goes on a killing spree! The movie centers around the character Harry Warden, an urban legend of the fictitious town of Valentine Bluffs, where he unleashes his wrath upon those partaking in the forbidden Valentine’s Day dance. It was his persona’s influence that caused a central character’s descent into psychopathy.

To dress like My Bloody Valentine, wear a ready-made miner costume, a brown tool belt, and black boots. Wear a gas mask, a black hard with a mining headlamp, and gloves. Finally, carry a fake pickaxe.

About Harry Warden From My Bloody Valentine

In “My Bloody Valentine,” Warden was one of several miners trapped in a cave-in thanks to their supervisors neglecting their work to attend the towntown’seValentine’s dance. As the sole survivor, he had to resort to killing and eating his coworkers to stay alive and is driven insane in the process. This is followed by him hunting down and killing their supervisors, cutting their hearts out, and putting them in boxes to spite the holiday. These included notes never to hold the dance again, or he would return to kill more people, but he was eventually caught and institutionalized.

Twenty years later, the town has forgotten the incident and reinstated the dance. This is when the police chief, Jake Newby, receives a box of Valentine chocolates with a human heart and a note of warning. When he checks the mental institution where Harry was incarcerated, he finds no record of him. The murderer is later revealed to be the young miner Axel, who witnessed his father, who was one of the supervisors, being murdered by Harry when he was young. The real Harry? Dead five years prior!

In “My Bloody Valentine 3D”, Harry goes on a murderous rampage following a mining accident. He is shot and presumed dead, but a new series of killings begins a decade later. It is later revealed that Tom has taken on the persona of Harry, leading to the recent murders owing to a psychological break.

While Harry does lack depth and development as a villain, he is a terrifying example of what could happen to a sane and innocent person when pushed over the deep end. Mental illness is genuine, and trauma can indeed have lasting effects on people; he was driven insane by horrific circumstances all the same.

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