Last-Minute Lucifer Morningstar Costume Idea

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  1. Black Suit
  2. Men Suit Vest
  3. Dark Grey Button Down Shirt
  4. Black Onyx Ring
  5. Men Hanky
  6. Black Dress Shoes
  7. Hair Clay
  8. Dark Grey Belt

Easy DIY Lucifer Morningstar Costume Guide

As the titular character of the TV series Lucifer, Lucifer Morningstar is an Archangel. Formerly known as Samael and by his nickname, the Light-Bringer, he leads a failed rebellion against his Father and is banished from Heaven. He is forced to oversee the torture of damned Human souls for eons as the Ruler of Hell.

To dress like Lucifer Morningstar, you need a sleek black suit with a suit vest and a dark gray button-down shirt. Wear a dark gray belt. A pair of simple black shoes will suffice. Put a handkerchief to slip into the breast pocket of your suit jacket and wear a black onyx ring. Finally, get some hair clay to style your hair.

About About Lucifer Morningstar From Lucifer

After coming to Earth to entertain himself, despite his father’s orders, he takes ownership of a nightclub in Los Angeles. He then proceeds to live his life while exploring vices such as drinking; we see the full extent of his charisma and flirtatiousness, often able to get others to bend to him. He is involved in a murder that puts him in touch with a detective named Chloe Decker. Once the murder has been solved, he starts working as a consultant at the LAPD; his life flips around.

He even reunites with his Mother, Goddess, but later condemns her to live among humans. After facing many challenges, he has self-actualization that restores his wings and Devil’s face, and he begins a pursuit of justice against a master criminal known as The Sinnerman.

Further complications arise as Chloe betrays him, leading to a hellish breakup. Eve, Lucifer’s former lover, reenters the picture, and Chloe learns about her divine birth. Afterward, Lucifer confronts his twin brother, Michael, and ultimately becomes God after sacrificing himself to resurrect Chloe. Despite numerous hesitations, he embraces his role as God, all while helping others find redemption in Hell. When his future daughter, Aurora, confronts him, much reconciliation and understanding get underway. Ultimately, Lucifer reunites with Chloe in Hell, becoming eternal partners in his mission.

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