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A John Wick costume is perfect for lovers of the film. Played by “the internet’s boyfriend” Keanu Reeves, John Wick is a powerful character with a trademark look. John Wick is a hitman who is known for his good looks and immense skill. He has earned the respect of other hitmen for his quick and…

You’ll Need:

  1. Black 3-Piece Suit
  2. John Wick Wig
  3. Black Solid Tie
  4. Black Dress Shirt
  5. Fake Scar Set
  6. Pistol Airsoft
  7. Black Dress Shoes
  8. Beagle Plushie

DIY John Wick Costume Guide

Though he is a murderer by profession, he has what many consider to be a heart of gold.

This makes him quite likable and has turned him into a famous, beloved character. 

Start off with John Wick Wig, Black 3-Piece Suit, Black Dress Shirt, and Black Dress Shoes to nail his look.

Then, add Black Solid Tie, Pistol Airsoft, and Fake Scar Set with you.

Finally, don’t forget to bring the Beagle Plushie to complete your own John Wick costume.

John Wick Cosplay Costume

The complex personality, commanding appearance, and unconventional reason for being a killer make John Wick quite beloved.

John Wick is a sharp dresser, so prepare to wear your Sunday best. He wears a slim-fit suit complete with a five-button vest, a black dress shirt, and a solid black tie. He polishes off his smart manner of dress with a pair of simple black dress shoes.  

John Wick has many scars that he has accumulated over the years with his work. You can mimic these scars by buying fake scars and pressing them onto your skin. You could also try your hand at special effects and create the look of scars yourself. 

John Wick carries a pistol complete with a silencer. Find a fake toy pistol to carry with you for the best effect.

Finally, you can get a stuffed beagle dog to carry around. This was the type of breed that his murdered dog is in the film.

john wick costume

About John Wick

John Wick isn’t your average hitman. While he is skilled at what he does and respected by others in the trade, he has a surprisingly soft heart.

This sometimes manifests in him letting potential victims flee. 

There is not much known about the character, including where he comes from or who he really is in the daytime.

His motivations are known, and they are surprising.

Before passing away, his wife had given him a puppy as a gift. Not long after, someone killed the dog. This sends John Wick on a revenge killing spree where he takes down anyone who was involved in his death. 

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