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The John Smith (Pocahontas) costume takes its inspiration from the Disney animated movie, Pocahontas. He is the star-crossed love interest of the main character, Pocahontas, and is voiced by Mel Gibson.

Pocahontas was one of the Disney movies I grew up loving, and John Smith is one of the first characters to come to mind whenever I think about it.

John Smith is an English explorer and adventurer who winds up in the “New World.” This world is, in fact, already inhabited by indigenous communities.

While there, he meets Pocahontas. She is the daughter of the indigenous tribe’s chief. The two fall in love against the wishes of her father and John Smith’s crew.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to create your own John Smith (Pocahontas) costume. See the guide below to learn more.

You’ll Need:

  1. Vest Coat
  2. Dress Shirt
  3. Blue Pants
  4. Yellow Wig
  5. Brown Satchel
  6. Long Boots

John Smith (Pocahontas) Costume DIY Guide

The John Smith is pretty straightforward, but it does require collecting some pieces. If you don’t want to put the costume together step by step, you can just get a premade adult version of the costume instead.

If you want to go the DIY route, then keep reading.

The first thing you’ll need is a dress shirt in a blue hue. You will want to pair that dress shirt with a pair of skinny blue slacks.

Over the shirt, you can wear a vest coat. Drape a brown messenger bag over your shoulder to mimic the accessories that John Smith carries around with him.

On your feet, you will need a pair of long boots. Then, tuck the bottom of the slacks into the boots.

John Smith has light blonde hair that is medium-length and wavy. If your hair does not naturally look like this, you will need to get a wig that will help you look the part.

Pocahontas John Smith Confronts Ratcliffe HD | Halloween Costume Ideas

John Smith (Pocahontas) Costume Cosplay

The John Smith cosplay is inspired by colonial-style attire that people wore back in the days of exploration. The pieces of the cosplay are fairly simple, so you may even have some in your closet already.

One way to take the John Smith costume to the next level is to have a friend dress up as Pocahontas with you. This way, you can have a cute couple cosplay.

john smith pocahontas John Smith (Pocahontas) Costume

About John Smith From Pocahontas

John Smith is one of the recurring characters in the Disney animated movie, Pocahontas. In this movie, he is an English explorer whose adventures take him to the “New World.”

This world is anything but new. It has been inhabited for centuries by an indigenous tribe.

Upon arriving and meeting Pocahontas, the two of them fall in love. Pocahontas’ father does not approve, and at one point he tries to kill John Smith. In the end, Pocahontas ends up saving him.

In this guide, you’ll find the steps you need to create your own John Smith costume. By following them, you can get this costume done before your next convention or Halloween party.

What is the most famous quote from john smith?

1. “We’ve Improved The Lives Of Savages All Over The World.”

2. “Pocahontas.”

3. “No, I’m Not Letting You Leave.”

4. “What Do You Say To A Tree?”

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