Last-Minute John Smith Costume Idea

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  1. Vest Coat
  2. Dress Shirt
  3. Blue Pants
  4. Yellow Wig
  5. Brown Satchel
  6. Long Boots

Easy DIY John Smith (Pocahontas) Costume Guide

John Smith is the charismatic deuteragonist of Disney’s animated feature film “Pocahontas,” released in 1995. He is the renowned English explorer who participated in Governor Ratcliffe’s historical expedition to Virginia, where he met and fell in love with Pocahontas. As an explorer and adventurer, his life takes a turn when he arrives at the “New World,” already inhabited by indigenous communities. What brings him here is his love for discovery, combat, humor, and nature!

To dress like John Smith, you’ll need a dress shirt in a blue hue. You will want to pair that dress shirt with skinny blue slacks. Over the shirt, wear a vest coat. Drape a brown messenger bag over your shoulder. On your feet, you will need a pair of long boots. Then, tuck the bottom of the slacks into the boots. Finally, prepare light blonde hair that is medium-length and wavy.

About John Smith From Pocahontas

John Smith is the man who led settlers to establish the Jamestown colony in the year 1607 of the movie. Chosen for the task, thanks to his reputation with the natives, he eventually rescues a young man named Thomas and becomes his mentor.

After arriving in the New World, he encounters Pocahontas and befriends her as they share cultural insights. In the meantime, tensions rise as the settlers seek gold and plan an attack on the natives. Learning of the impending conflict, John attempts to prevent it by talking with Pocahontas’s father, Chief Powhatan. However, the misunderstandings and jealousy between the two parties lead to a fatal confrontation between John, Kocoum, and Thomas, resulting in Kocoum’s death and John’s capture by the natives.

John’s impending death sparks a war between settlers and natives, but Pocahontas intervenes by risking her life to stop the conflict. This is followed by John saving Powhatan from an attempted assassination, leading to Ratcliffe’s capture. However, his injuries warrant his return to England for medical treatment. John and Pocahontas part ways while affirming their connection and love.

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