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The Angelica Pickles costume comes from the 1990s cartoon Rugrats. Angelica always stood out to me among the rest of the characters as a kid because she was so feisty and bossy.

Angelica Pickles is the cousin of the main character, Tommy Pickles. She is a few years older than them, which makes her quite complex and can make her very bossy.

Angelica Pickles is a smart girl who is sometimes too smart for her own good. She manipulates everyone around her, from the babies to her parents.

One of the things Angelica Pickles is best known for is her obsession with her creepy doll, Cynthia.

If Angelica Pickles was your favorite character on Rugrats, you can show it with an Angelica Pickles costume. Keep reading to see how.

You’ll Need:

  1. Purple Maxi
  2. Orange T-Shirt
  3. Leggings
  4. Gold Wig
  5. Purple Sneakers
  6. Orange Socks
  7. Purple Hair Bow

Angelica Pickles Costume DIY Guide

The outfit that Angelica Pickles wears has a lot of colorful details that can be hard to get exactly right. If you want to skip the effort of assembling it yourself, you can simply buy an adult version of the costume that is already made.

Otherwise, you should kick this costume off with a simple orange t-shirt. Over the shirt, you can wear a long dress.

Put on some colorful leggings beneath the dress, and add some orange socks over the leggings. From there, you will need a pair of purple sneakers to round out the look.

Angelica Pickles has bright blonde hair that she wears in pigtails. You will need a wig that either comes styled in pigtails already or one that you can style at home.

On your head, you can wear a purple headband to match the rest of her clothes. With the headband secured, you’ll have completed your Angelica Pickles costume.

DIY Rugrats Angelica Pickles & Cynthia Halloween Costume || Lucykiins

Angelica Pickles Costume Cosplay

The Angelica Pickles costume is one that is whimsical and childish, since it is worn by an actual child. It is also quite colorful and eye-catching, making it a fun choice for those who like quirky styles.

If you want to improve upon this costume even further, you can have some friends dress up as some of the other characters in Rugrats to create a group costume.

Angelica Pickles Costume

About Angelica Pickles From Rugrats

Angelica Pickles is one of the main characters in the cartoon Rugrats. She is a toddler, so she can communicate both with the babies on the show and with the adults.

Angelica Pickles is a self-focused little girl who likes to have attention. She’s quite smart and is good at manipulating situations to get what she wants. Angelica Pickles is also spunky and very protective over her doll, Cynthia.

She is the cousin of the main character, Tommy, so viewers see almost as much of her as they do any other character on the show.

In this article, we’ve outlined how to create an Angelica Pickles costume from scratch. Using this guide will help you get your costume ready in no time at all.

What is the most famous quote from angelica pickles ?

1. “Santa Claus Is A Fake! Run For Your Lives!”

2. “You Know, Not All Dogs Go To Heaven.”

3. “I Got Responsibilities Now.”

4. “Getting Old Is Nothing But Misery And Woe!”

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