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This Jasmine Costume is inspired by one of the most popular Disney princesses, Princess Jasmine. Jasmine is introduced in the Disney animated movie Aladdin.

Jasmine is a princess that Aladdin meets one day, and the two fall in love. She has a strong-willed personality and wants more for herself than just to be a princess.

She wants to leave her palace and see the world, and that is something she is able to do after meeting Aladdin. After doing so, she realized that she could be in control of her own life.

This helped her escape an arranged marriage with the villain, Jafaar. Her newfound self-confidence inspires her to try and escape everything else about her royal expectations as well.

If Princess Jasmine is your favorite Disney princess, you can show that with a Jasmine costume. Keep reading to learn how.

You’ll Need:

  1. Jasmine’s Costume
  2. Jasmine Wig
  3. Rajah Plush
  4. Jasmine Accessories
  5. Jasmine Shoes

Jasmine Costume DIY Guide

Jasmine’s costumes in Middle Eastern styles are unique. They can be difficult to get right, so it’s better to get a Jasmine costume already made. Kids who love Princess Jasmine can also get their hands on kid versions of this costume.

If you don’t already have long black hair, you can get a wig to match her long, braided black hair. She wears all sorts of accessories and jewelry that you will also need to get her look down.

On your feet, you’ll need a pair of slippers that look like the princess’ own.

Jasmine has a pet tiger named Raja that she treats as her best friend. You can carry around a Raja tiger plush to symbolize that.

Jasmine Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Jasmine Costume Cosplay

Jasmine is one of many Disney princesses to steal the hearts of fans. Her costume is a good choice for those who love Jasmine above all else.

The lightweight and breezy nature of her costume makes it perfect for wearing during warmer months without getting too hot.

Turn the Jasmine costume into a couple’s costume easily. Simply get your partner to dress up as Aladdin and accompany you to the event.

Jasmine Costume

About Jasmine From Aladdin

Jasmine is a Disney princess that is introduced in the movie Aladdin. She is a princess who feels trapped in her royal life and wants more than anything to escape it.

Soon she meets Aladdin, a simple thief in her kingdom. The two form an unlikely bond and end up falling in love.

While she is with Aladdin, she finally gets the chance to see the world like she wants to. Once she gets out of her palace and gets a look at other aspects of life, it makes it even harder for her to want to fulfill her duties as princess.

In the end, she discovers that she can be in control of her own destiny with Aladdin’s help.

In this article, we’ve shown you how to create your own Jasmine costume. By following this guide, you’ll have a costume ready for your next convention or Halloween party.

What is the most famous quote from Jasmine?

1. “Who Are You? Tell Me The Truth.”

2. “I’ve Never Had Any Real Friends.”

3. “Oh Wise Sultan, How May I Serve You?”

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