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The Brutus Buckeye costume mirrors that of the mascot for Ohio State University. He is an anthropomorphic nut.

Brutus Buckeye is one of the most notable and recognizable athletic mascots in the NCAA. He has even made appearances in video games and commercials.

He was created when two students got the university to give them a mascot in 1965. They were inspired by the Ohio State tree.

Show your team spirit with the Brutus Buckeye costume. Learn how to cosplay it below.

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You’ll Need:

  1. Shirt And Pillow
  2. Sports Wristband
  3. Red Trousers
  4. Golf Towel
  5. Grey Gloves
  6. Black Shoes

Brutus Buckeye Costume DIY Guide

To give you the mascot look, you’ll need a sweatshirt that looks like the upper half of Brutus Buckeye’s body. Get a pillow made of his head to carry around with you, or paint your face to look like the mascot instead.

On your lower half, you’ll need to wear a pair of red pants. Top them off with some simple black shoes for your feet.

Grab some gray gloves for your hands to match the ones that Brutus Buckeye wears. Finally, you’ll want to get a golf towel to carry around with you.

Brutus Buckeye Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Brutus Buckeye Costume Cosplay

Since Brutus Buckeye is a mascot, he’s a great cosplay choice for students and alumni of Ohio State University. He is also great for fans of the team.

This costume is comfortable to wear and easy to put together, making it a good beginner cosplay idea.

Brutus Buckeye Costume

About Brutus Buckeye

Brutus Buckeye is the athletic mascot for Ohio State University. He came to be in 1965 after two students convinced the university to give them a mascot.

Brutus Buckeye is an anthropomorphic Buckeye nut that comes from Ohio’s state tree. He is one of the most well-known mascots in the NCAA.

With the article above, you can show your school spirit by dressing as Brutus Buckeye. Follow the guide and get your Brutus Buckeye costume done in time for the next Ohio State game.

What is the most famous quote from Brutus Buckeye Costume?

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