Jack (Mary Poppins Returns) Costume

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The Jack (Mary Poppins Returns) costume is taken from the sequel film to Mary Poppins. This movie was released in 2018 and stars Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack.

In this movie, Jack replaces the role of Mary Poppins’ friend in the original movie, Bert. Instead of being a chimney sweep, Jack is a lamplighter.

Jack is a funny sidekick to the antics of Mary Poppins. He shows himself to be an optimistic person who is quite kind.

Jack also has a bit of a childlike personality, which makes him very easy to be around. He is always ready to go on fun adventures with Mary Poppins and do his part to help children.

For many people, this remake brought with it feelings of nostalgia.

You’ll Need:

  1. Blue Striped T-shirt
  2. Dark Grey Blazer
  3. Red Dress Vest
  4. Grey Pinstripe Pants
  5. Flat Cap
  6. Off-White Dress Shirt
  7. Pattern Bandana
  8. Lace-Up Ankle Boots

DIY Jack (Mary Poppins Returns) Costume Guide

To recreate Jack’s look, you will be putting together a vintage-inspired outfit. Start it off with a blue-striped shirt and wear a white button-up underneath it.

Then, layer it up with a bright red vest for some contrast. Over all of these layers, you can wear a corduroy pinstripe blazer.

Pair all of this with some cotton-striped trousers in a matching light brown.

On your hands, you can wear a pair of fingerless gloves to match Jack’s own. Accessorize with a Gatsby newsboy hat to really get the look.

Finally, you will need to wear a pair of brown boots and carry a walking stick. With all of this together, you’ll have the perfect Jack (Mary Poppins Returns).

MARY POPPINS RETURNS Clip | Halloween Costume Ideas

Jack (Mary Poppins Returns) Costume Cosplay

This costume is inspired by a movie sequel, but it still captures the styles of the time when the original film was produced. The Jack costume reflects vintage styles of the 1940 era and is perfect for those who love old-timey styles of dress.

One way to make the Jack (Mary Poppins Returns) costume stand out is to have a friend dress up with you. Once they wear a Mary Poppins costume, the two of you will be easy to recognize. It makes a great couple’s costume.

Jack (Mary Poppins Returns) Costume

About Jack (Mary Poppins Returns)

Jack is a character from the 2018 sequel, Mary Poppins Returns. In this movie, Jack takes the place of Bert as Mary Poppins’ sidekick. He is still connected to the character, though, as Bert was once his apprentice.

Bert is a lamplighter instead of a chimney sweep like his predecessor. He is a hopeful, optimistic person with a bright personality.

Due to his lighthearted and childlike nature, he makes a good companion to Mary Poppins as she works to help children.

Following the above-mentioned steps, you could have the perfect costume ready in time for your next Halloween party or convention.

What is the most famous quote from Jack (Mary Poppins Returns)?

1. “It’s a good thing you’ve come along when you did, Mary Poppins.”

2. “There’s a different point of view awaiting you if you just look up.”

3. “As I live and breathe…”

4. “Whenever I lose my way, I just look up.”

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