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This Johnny Silverhand costume comes straight from the video game series, Cyberpunk. He is a central character in the franchise.

In Cyberpunk, Johnny Silverhand lives in an alternate future where crime runs rampant. Corporations are more powerful than governments, and murder rates are skyrocketing.

Johnny Silverhand is one of the people fighting back against the nature of the world as it is. He is a musician and is able to use his band’s music as a driving force in their rebellion.

He is the lead singer in his band, known as Samurai. The band uses their music to fight back against the corruption in his city. Thanks to his charismatic nature, he easily inspires listeners to get up and resist.

Below, we will show you how to dress as Johnny Silverhand from Cyberpunk.

You’ll Need:

  1. Tactical Vest
  2. Dark Brown Wig
  3. Soldier Armor Arm
  4. Brown Leather Pants
  5. Red Aviator Sunglasses
  6. Fake Beard
  7. Military Dog Tags Necklace
  8. Bullet Rivet Belt
  9. Black Silicone Wristbands
  10. Cosplay Gun Props
  11. Military Tactical Boots

DIY Johnny Silverhand Costume Guide

Johnny Silverhand spends his time and energy as a part of the resistance, and the manner of the dress shows that. Begin with a tactical vest and secure it to your torso.

On your lower half, you can wear a pair of dark brown leather or leather-look pants and military tactical boots. Secure a bullet rivet belt around your waist.

One of the most eye-catching parts of Johnny Silverhand’s appearance is his robotic arm. You can get the look of it with an armored arm.

Johnny Silverhand accessorizes with some military dog tags and black silicone wristbands. He also keeps the sun out of his eyes by wearing red aviator sunglasses.

Put the finishing touch on this costume with the addition of a dark brown wig and a fake beard.

Johnny Silverhand Cosplay Showcase & Backstage | Halloween Costume Ideas

Johnny Silverhand Costume Cosplay

The Johnny Silverhand is an urban cyberpunk style of dress that lovers of cyberpunk aesthetics are sure to enjoy. Its dark colors, metallic components, and leather pieces make it a bold choice.

This costume is sure to be easily recognized by fans of the series. If you want to make it even more obvious who it is you are dressing up as you can turn it into a group costume; have some friends dress up as other members of his inspiring band, Samurai.

Johnny Silverhand Cosplay

About Johnny Silverhand

Johnny Silverhand is one of the characters in the pen-and-paper RPG video game, Cyberpunk. It takes place in an alternate future that is heavily corrupted and full of crime.

It is so bad that corporations have more power and influence than the governments themselves, making it especially chaotic.

Johnny Silverhand is the lead of his band known as Samurai. In this world, musicians use their music to revolt against authority and fight back against the world.

Due to the charismatic nature of Johnny Silverhand and the other musicians, it is easy to inspire others to fight back as well.

What is the most famous quote from Johnny Silverhand?

1. “Haven’t forgotten a thing. Never will.”

2. “The time has come for a close encounter of the third kind… A small step for V, but a giant leap for humankind. Who’re you bettin’ on showin’ up? The reptilians or techno-necromancers?”

3. “Get the payload on the elevator, arm it, let gravity do its thing. Explosion rocks the foundation, tower crumbles – chaos, screaming, roll credits.”

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