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Cruella has earned a great reputation, and fans absolutely loved her character in the film Cruella. Her dressing style and outfits are fan favorites, and trying them is a must. Well, what can one expect from a fashion stylist? Yes, Cruella was a fashion stylist in the movie.

Estella, aka Estella’s father, was a baron who loved her. Unfortunately, her mother wasn’t kind enough to accept her since she only loved herself.

Thus, the baroness found the right chance and decided to take Estella’s life. However, the butler was a kind man who saved the child and sent her to live with the maid named Catherine.

A poor girl had a messy childhood and always had to struggle to live the best life possible. Estella, though, was a nice girl with the right morals, but her people treated her badly.

You’ll Need:

  1. Cruella Costume
  2. Cruella Wig
  3. Black Walking Cane
  4. Black Leather Gloves
  5. Black High Heels Boot
  6. Silver Double Wallet Chain
  7. Emma Stone Cruella Funko Pop

Cruella Emma Stone Costume DIY Guide

If looking bold and confident is your thing, then grab a Cruella Emma Stone costume. Follow our Cruella Emma Stone DIY Costume Guide for more details.

You can grab a Cruella Emma Stone costume. Either directly from a clothing store or as ready-made. Or else, you can create it yourself.

For footwear, get a pair of cool black boots, and there you go; you are almost ready.

It’s important to remember that you also need some accessories to decorate yourself, like a black cane and leather gloves, which will make you look so overbearing.

At last, makeovers and getting a Cruella wig play a significant part in getting the perfect look. So make sure to get the perfect smokey eyes and a red lip shade.

CRUELLA ( Emma Stone ) Makeup Transformation | Halloween Costume Ideas

Cruella Costume Emma Stone

The Cruella Costume Emma Stone gives a bold and confident look. So it’s a must-try for everyone who wants to look chic, badass, and cool.

It’s a kind of outfit that speaks a lot about one’s personality. So you won’t need to act to look cool, as this look will do the job.

It’s best for people who like creativity and trying out dope costumes. It’s gorgeous, which makes it the perfect choice for Halloween.

Cruella Costume Emma Stone

About Estella From Cruella

Estella’s life had never been easy. She was abandoned by her biological mother, but luckily, she got Catherine by her side. Her adoptive mother raised her with love and care.

Estella’s school was a mess, too, as she was a victim of bullying. Thus, she and Catherine decided to move to London.

Sadly, when the duo went to ask for financial support from the baroness, it resulted in the death of Catherine. Yes, her biological mother was a cruel lady who wanted to capture Estella.

The tragic death of Catherine changed Estella completely, and she vowed to avenge her death. Thus, her life took a sharp turn, and she started living as Cruella! Her character development is remarkable, and the ups and downs simply made her amazing.

What is the most famous quote from Estella?

1. “Have You Tried Cash?”

2. “Have We Met?”

3. “If I Wanted To Tell You, I Would, Wouldn’t I?”

4. “She’s An Insect, Ben.”

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