Cammy (Street Fighter) Costume

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A Cammy costume would absolutely knock out millennial Cosplayers and Gamers who grew up playing the Street Fighter series.

Cammy is a video game character who debuted in Super Street Fighter II. She is also the second female fighter to appear in the series.

Despite being a deadly clone assassin working for Shadaloo at one point, she broke free and became an MI6 operative for the British government.

She is memorable as a strong, forceful, and determined young woman in possession of a firm sense of justice.

Her simple but badass look gives the impression that she can really pack a punch. Even so, her kicks are far deadlier in comparison

You’ll Need:

  1. Green Turtleneck Leotard
  2. Long Blonde Wig
  3. Black Boots
  4. Leather Half-Finger Gloves
  5. Red Wool Beret
  6. Shoulder Holster
  7. Leg Holster
  8. Green Body Paint

DIY Cammy Costume Guide

Cammy became popular due to her voluptuous and muscular build, as well as her iconic leotard getup.

This simple but sexy ensemble makes her stand out amongst other competitors and has become a style that gamers look up to when dressing up.

Follow our Cammy costume guide below to mimic her signature look with ease!

Get started with a Green Turtleneck Leotard. Then, using green body acrylic paint, draw the camouflage markings on her legs.

Next, you will need a pair of Black Combat Boots for your feet. Don’t forget her trademark Red Wool Beret atop the head either. 

Finally, you must acquire a Long Blonde Braided Wig or you can braid a normal one instead. Optionally, you can include a harness with a Gun Holster, a plain Black Belt, and Red Leather Half-Finger Gloves, too.

Cammy (Street Fighter) Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Cammy Cosplay Costume

Over time, Cammy has become a female Street Fighter icon. Her simple but flexible manner of clothing and the partially militaristic vibe is easily recognizable, even by people who haven’t played the Games.

Her popularity and robust appearance make the Cammy cosplay a fun one. Fortunately, it is a pretty simple ensemble made from a few core pieces and can be put together in no time.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to try out a Street Fighter group cosplay this Halloween? Get your comrades to cosplay as Chun-Li, Ryu, Guile, Dhalsim, Karin, and Decapre to stand out as the most intimidating team!

Cammy Costume

About Cammy From Street Fighter

Cammy is extremely polite, friendly, respectful, and enthusiastic towards everyone she knows and cares about, even being willing to help those she barely knows on occasion.

In the same magnitude, she can be very brutal and condescending towards those she despises. Even so, she does not do more harm than necessary to her opponents.

Cammy will not go down without a fight, utilizing her extensive training from both Delta Red and Shadaloo to bring down her foes.

Many are aware of the immense threat she poses, and an unfortunate few are foolish enough to undermine her.

What is the most famous quote from Cammy (Street Fighter)?

1. “I fight for those I want to protect.”

2. “Nothing stands in the way of my mission.”

3. “I’ve already decided. I will not run from my past.”

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