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A Pucca costume is sure to positively stir up millennial cosplayers who grew up watching the well-known Animated series.

Pucca is the titular main character from the Pucca animated series. She is a South-Korean superhuman girl who is continuously attempting to hug or kiss a ninja-in-training, Garu.

She is the niece of Uncle Dumpling, Ho, and Linguini, living with them at the Goh-Rong Restaurant. She works as a delivery girl here and is often seen riding her red scooter.

More often than not, you’ll find her delivering JaJang Noodles and in the company of her pink cat, Yani.

Her cute, petite look also gives the impression that she is helpless. Appearances can be deceiving because she is actually a very good combatant.

You’ll Need:

  1. Red Dress
  2. Pucca Wig
  3. Red Ribbon
  4. Black Flats Shoes
  5. Black Tights

DIY Pucca Costume Guide

Pucca instantly became world-renowned for her rather iconic cute look and simplistic charms. Her popularity and petite appearance make the Pucca cosplay quite common.

The most noticeable part of Pucca’s outfit is the long Red Long-sleeved Dress. Follow up with a pair of plain Black High-Stockings and a pair of plain Black Flats Shoes.

Most importantly, you will need a Pucca Wig, and get a bright Red Role of Tape or Ribbon to use in her Hair Ties.

Pucca Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Pucca Cosplay Costume

Over time, Pucca has become something of a Chibi Ninja icon. Her cute manner of dress and unique hairstyle is easily recognizable, even by people who haven’t watched the series.

The bright red ensemble allows her to stand out among other characters and has become a style cosplayers can easily emulate.

Isn’t it a great idea to organize a Pucca Group Cosplay this Halloween to enhance the fun? Get your friends to dress up as Garu, Ching, Abyo, Ssoso, and Destiny to really stand out as an unstoppable force of nature!

Pucca Costume

About Pucca

Pucca’s biggest trait is how clingy she is towards Garu. She is constantly chasing after him and covering him in kisses, much to his annoyance.

She is no common fangirl though because she has saved him from multiple dangerous situations. She doesn’t react well to rejection but shows no signs of giving up in the pursuit of his heart.

On the other hand, Pucca is a very sweet, kind, and helpful girl, beloved by the townsfolk. We cannot forget that she has shown ninja abilities that far exceed everyone else’s either!

What is the most famous quote from Pucca?

1. “A true ninja is NEVER caught off guard.”

2. “I have never known such…HORROR!”

3. ” If there’s one thing that makes my stomach churn more than Garu, it’s Garu playing that stupid erhu. “

4. ”What a horrible dream.“

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