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Despite looking somewhat generic and average, Ryu has become one of the most recognizable characters in video game history.

His Shotokan stance combined with his iconic headband would make him recognizable even if you were to only see a silhouette of him.

Despite being the main character of the Street Fighter franchise, the plot doesn’t revolve around him or even his close friends. Ryu’s appeal comes from his growth in wanting to be the best fighter possible, which is a goal that many players can also connect with.

His Hadouken Shoryuken, and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku are his most recognizable moves and just about every fighting game protagonist derives from his design to some extent.

You’ll Need:

  1. Karate Uniform
  2. Muscle Suit
  3. Red Headband
  4. Martial Arts Gloves
  5. Karate Black Belt

DIY Street Fighter Ryu Costume Guide

Fortunately, Ryu’s costume should be really easy for you to pull off if you do Karate.

Start off the Ryu look with a Karate Uniform. And you will have to cut off the sleeves of your Gi since Ryu has almost always not had sleeves on in Streetfighter.

You’re also going to need a red headband and red martial arts gloves. The belt also needs to be black, and if you want some added flare, you can have letters around the belt showing where you train.

Last but not least, you can equip yourself with a muscle suit for better effect.

Street Fighter Ryu Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Street Fighter Ryu Cosplay Costume

Ryu is a very stoic person who has had next to no personality changes in the last 30 years. He has some slight changes in terms of character design, but it is always someone tough and bruting.

If you’re struggling to think of a pose to do for cosplay, you can always try his special moves since just about anyone could recognize them.

This is even better if you decide to do it with other Street Fighter characters, like Cammy, Ken Masters, M. Bison, etc.

Street Fighter Ryu Costume

About Ryu from Street Fighter

Ryu is the protagonist of the Street Fighter franchise; however, most of the plot doesn’t revolve around him.

Ryu and his best friend Ken were trained by Gouken in the art of ansatsuken. Ken would go on to become the United States Martial Arts champion, however, Ryu only wants to test himself against the strongest fighters in the world.

Later in his life, Ryu would clash several times with Gouken’s brother, Akuma, who told him that he would be seduced by the satsui no hado.

This is the power that would give him the strength to take down anyone but corrupt him as a human completely. It’s Ryu’s struggle between his true self and the satsui no hado that defines him as a fighter.

What is the most famous quote from Street Fighter Ryu?

1. “Let’s team up! Ugh! Wrong way!”

2. “Go for it!”

3. “All yours.”

4. “Allow me!”

5. “Take a breather!”

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