Black Knight (Fortnite) Costume

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Lovers of the Black Knight Fortnite skin are sure to love the Black Knight costume just as much.

The Black Knight skin is unlocked from Tier 70 in battle Pass Season 2. It has a sleek look and a dark mood that many players love.

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Fit T-Shirt
  2. Motorcycle Armour Vest
  3. Black Knight Helmet
  4. Tactical Pants
  5. Tactical Belt
  6. Black Gloves
  7. Black Shield Prop
  8. Combat Boots

DIY Black Knight Costume Guide

Black Knight costume has become a popular skin with fans of the game and has even been made into action figures.

To start your costume, you will need a black long-sleeve tee. Wear a vest over top of it, such as a paintball vest.

Pair the top with a pair of black slacks. On your feet, you should wear combat boots in black as well. Slip on a pair of black gloves to finish the outfit.

Accessorize with a black belt and some black knee pads. Finally, get a Black Knight costume helmet to finish everything off.

Black Knight Cosplay Costume

Fortnite lovers who want a toned-down costume will love the Black Knight costume. It is all black and sleek, making it a pretty subtle choice.

To make this costume look like it belongs, you can have friends dress in other Fortnite costumes of their choice. For example, Midas, IKONIK, and Drift.

Then you can all attend the gaming convention or Halloween party as a cohesive group costume.

Black Knight Costume

About Black Knight from Fortnite

The Black Knight costume is a skin that is available in the game Fortnite. Though you can’t change your character much, you can change their appearance.

This Black Knight costume is one way to do it. It is available as a Tier 70 reward from Battle Pass Season 2.

This outfit has become very popular to the point where it now has its own merch. By following our guide above, you can don your very own Black Knight costume to the Halloween party or convention.

Black Knight Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

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