Fortnite Drift Costume

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A Fortnite Drift costume is an iconic way to dress up at any gaming convention. Fortnite is a battle royale-style game that debuted in 2017. When a player first starts out in the game, there are only a few hero skins to choose from. As they progress, players can unlock unique, rare skins to put…

You’ll Need:

  1. Fortnite Drift Coat
  2. Stripes Sweatshirt
  3. Hoodie Vest
  4. Fortnite Drift Mask
  5. Rift Edge Pickaxe
  6. High Top Chukka Boots
  7. Fingerless Gloves
  8. Black Straight-Fit Pant

DIY Fortnite Drift Costume Guide

Due to the legendary status of the Fortnite Drift skin in the game, other fans are sure to marvel at your look

The Fortnite Drift is a bold and dramatic costume that begins with an over-the-top jacket. 

This gold, black and purple jacket is complex and intricate. Then, you can wear a red hooded vest beneath it and a black with red stripes sweatshirt beneath the vest. 

Pair the tops with a pair of simple black pants. You can wear a pair of black and gold high-top sneakers on your feet. 

Accessorize with his iconic mask. Finally, you will need to get a pair of fingerless gloves and a Rift Edge pickaxe.

Fortnite Drift Cosplay Costume

The rarity and versatility of the Fortnite Drift skin make it one that every player wants. 

Whether you have the skin in the game or not, you can enjoy it in real life with the Fortnite Drift costume. 

Call your friend to dress up as iKONIK, Skull Trooper, Raider, and Crackshot to form the Fortnite theme for a Halloween party or any cosplay event. So you can all hit the cosplay scene together!

Fortnite Drift costume

About Drift from Fortnite

Fortnite is a battle royale game that made its debut in 2017. Even today, it remains highly popular. 

The Fortnite Drift skin is one of the most popular skins available today. It was added to the game during the Season 5 pass update. 

Since then, many players have sought it out. This skin can be received while playing the Season 5 Battle Pass. 

Though it does not give the character any special abilities like some other skins, it has many variations that can be unlocked. 

The legendary status of this skin and all of its versatility make it so beloved. With the Fortnite Drift costume, you can wear the skin in real life, even if you don’t have it in the game.

Fortnite Drift Costume | Halloween Costume Ideas

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