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Do you want to dazzle everyone with an Abby Sciuto costume at your next cosplay event? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’re here to help you nail her stylish look with ease!

As you already know, Abby Sciuto is a beloved character from the TV series “NCIS” (Naval Criminal Investigative Service). I honestly love how vibrant, quirky, and highly intelligent this character is.

Despite her gothic exterior, we all know about her friendly and outgoing demeanor. She’s also exceptionally skilled in forensic science and is passionate about her work.

As such, Abby is often seen as the heart of the NCIS team, bringing positivity and energy to their often challenging cases. So let’s dive into how we can do this character justice!

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Skull T-Shirt
  2. Abigail Sciuto ID Badge Prop
  3. White Lab Coat
  4. Blue Plaid Pleated Skirt
  5. Silver Steel Ball Necklace
  6. NCIS Patch
  7. Studded Wristband and Choker Set
  8. Black Braided Wig
  9. Black Combat Boots
  10. Black Fingerless Gloves
  11. Pen
  12. Caf-Pow Cup
  13. Gothic Leather Belt
  14. Black Socks

Abby Sciuto Costume DIY Guide

Let’s get through this stylish transformation. Follow our Abby Sciuto Costume Guide to mimic her look easily.

Start off in full flair by procuring a badass black skull t-shirt and blue pleated pleated skirt. Follow up with a black studded wristband and choker set and a silver steel ball necklace for her highly decorated neck.

Prepare an Abigail Sciuto ID badge prop and Caf-Pow cup. Wear a pair of black fingerless gloves and carry a pen around.

Now throw on her white lab coat and sew an NCIS patch onto it. Don’t forget her Gothic leather belt and her iconic black braided wig, either!

Finally, find yourself a pair of black socks and throw on a pair of black boots on top. Now you’re all set!

Abby Sciuto Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Abby Sciuto Costume Cosplay

Abby serves as the forensic scientist for the NCIS team, specializing in analyzing evidence from crime scenes. Her unique expertise and ability to find crucial details in evidence make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Beyond her professional role, she is a close friend and confidante to her colleagues. Her strong bonds with her NCIS colleagues, particularly Leroy Jethro Gibbs, are particularly heartwarming.

So embrace the genius within yourself and mesmerize everyone with this Abby Sciuto costume. Luckily, this is a pretty easy ensemble you can put together with little effort.

On that note, why not attempt a NCIS Group cosplay? Get your friends to dress up as Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Timothy McGee, Ziva David, Tony DiNozzo, and Donald “Ducky” Mallard to crash any party with you.

Abby Sciuto Costume

About Abby Sciuto from NCIS

Abby is widely beloved for her unique way of showing appreciation and how she often hugs her coworkers. Her interactions with other team members, like Timothy McGee and Ziva David, showcase her nurturing and supportive nature.

Another thing I respect is how her gothic style challenges stereotypes and reflects the show’s commitment to diverse and unique characters. The fact that she is celebrated for her intelligence and quirky personality is another huge plus!

Her character brings both technical expertise and emotional depth to NCIS. At the same time, her enthusiasm for solving crimes and her determination to find justice are central to the show’s success.

What is the most famous quote from Abby Sciuto?

1. “You may not deserve to live. But I will *never* stoop to your level!”

2. “You don’t need *me*. Everything that this place stands for, this is *you*,Clay. And you can’t expect Sarah to let her guard down if you don’t let *your* guard down.”

3. “I saw no moxie when she stayed at my place last night!”

4. “I do not have a guest *casket*, I have a guest *room*!”

5. “Yes. Frosted almond cookies, with little almond bits and some poison mixed in.”

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