Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Costume

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Daryl Dixon Costume is among the most popular cosplay options from AMC’s series, The Walking Dead. Daryl is played by the actor Normal Reedus.

Daryl Dixon is a quiet and broody character. He had a difficult relationship with his father and brother as a child, which shaped who he is today.

At first, he has a hard time opening up to others and prefers to keep to himself. He is distrusting of those around him and acts like a lone wolf in the group.

Over time, he develops a close bond with other characters such as Carol, Beth, and Rick. He becomes a core member of the group.

Daryl Dixon is the archer of the group. His weapon of choice is his famous crossbow, and his vest with angel wings has become an iconic symbol of the character.

In the article below, we will show you how to dress as Daryl Dixon in this Daryl Dixon costume tutorial.

You’ll Need:

  1. Daryl Dixon Vest
  2. Black Sleeveless Bottom Sown Shirt
  3. Brown Jean
  4. Brown Wig
  5. Foam Axe Prop
  6. Leather Fingerless Gloves
  7. Brown Ankle Boot
  8. Hunting Crossbow Archery Bow

DIY Daryl Dixon Costume Guide

The most important piece of the Daryl Dixon costume is his vest, which has angel wings on the back. You can either buy a replica or paint angel wing details on the back of a standard black vest.

He wears a simple pair of brown slacks and walks around in hiking boots. Daryl is a tracker who hunts his food and kills walkers using a crossbow. Get a prop crossbow to carry around with you.

He often wears a red bandana in his back pocket and can be seen with squirrels he’s killed attached to his belt.

Complete his look with a scruffy, short black wig.

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Daryl Dixon Costume Cosplay

Daryl Dixon has grown up hunting his own food for most of his life, meaning he’s spent a lot of time outdoors. His casual clothing reflects that.

He also rides a motorcycle, and he wears his leathers as part of his daily attire. This costume is good for those who like that rough-and-tumble look.

Since Daryl Dixon is a part of a close-knit team, you can enhance this costume by having friends dress as other members of the gang. Good choices include Rick, Carol, Maggie, or Glenn.

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Costume

About Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon is a complex character who grows significantly throughout the show. He is a fan favorite.

Daryl Dixon comes from a complicated background, living through a difficult home life with his father and brother. His childhood trauma informs the kind of man he is in the present.

At first, he presents as a broody and overly aggressive loner who trusts no one. Throughout the course of the show, he forms close bonds with other characters, such as Carol and Rick, and slowly begins to trust them.

Soon after, he became a core member of the group.

Above, we’ve outlined the cosplay guide. You can give it a try to learn how to create your own Daryl Dixon look.

What is the most famous quote from Walking Dead Daryl Dixon?

1. “People in hell want slurpees.”

2. “I might be the one leaving, but you’re the one who’s walking away – again.”

3. “It’s a cherokee rose.”

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