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Steve Trevor Costume enjoys the same fame as his character in the DC Universe. Steve Trevor played the role of a spy working for the British. He was ardently loved by Wonder Woman.

He was smart, courageous, brave, and bold as a spy and soldier. He wanted to stop World War I at all costs, so he was willing to go against the rules.

His love for Diana and their chemistry together entertained the audience deeply. He is more famous as the lover of Diana than as a spy. He sacrificed his life and his love for Diana to stop the war.

You’ll Need:

  1. Brown Jacket
  2.  Khaki High Neck
  3. Brown Vest Coat
  4. Brown Pants
  5. Steve Trevor Wig
  6. Brown Boots
  7. Brown Gloves

Steve Trevor Costume DIY Guide

Almost all the DC characters are popular, but when it comes to cosplay, their outfits are harder to get. So, getting a Steve Trevor costume is not a great choice, but it also looks cool and stylish.

Steve Trevor Costume is a vintage classic dress that will make you look dope. Follow our Steve Trevor Costume DIY Guide to rock this look!

For the Steve Trevor costume, you’ll need a khaki knit turtleneck sweater. This sweater you’ll wear under a brown leather vest. This will, in turn, come under the leather-brown trench coat.

Next, style this outfit with olive-green cargo pants and brown military boots. Lastly, you get yourself a pair of brown leather driving boots. So, almost everything in this outfit is brown.

It’s a Western winter outfit, so I recommend you wear it in the cold. Otherwise, it will be a little challenging to carry in the summer.

Steve Trevor in The Bath – Wonder woman | Halloween Costume Ideas

Steve Trevor Cosplay Costume

It’s a great option to style like Steve Trevor; number one, he’s famous; and number 2, it’s a super comfy look. To top it off, it’s a vintage classic that will make you look cool and aesthetic.

The good thing is that this outfit can be worn anywhere and everywhere. You can style each piece with different clothes, so it’s not a waste of money.

So, if you are planning to enter a costume party, by the way, look for your wonder woman. And taking a picture will be an excellent way to make some cherishable memories.

Steve Trevor Costume

About Steve Trevor From Wonder Woman

He played a significant role in the Wonder Woman movie. His character highlighted the soft side of Diana and how beloved he was to her.

He was intelligent, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call him gifted. He was extremely talented as a spy and could figure things out better than many.
His acting abilities are worth praising, and since he’s a spy, one can expect him to be good at it. Though he’s a liar, all his lies were for the benefit of humanity.

Apart from being good-looking, he is a skilled individual capable of a lot of things. In fact, he is exceptionally good at piloting planes.

What is the most famous quote from Steve?

1. “I Can Save Today. You Can Save The World.”

2. “You Lied To Me?”

3. “No. But It’s What I’m Going To Do.”

4. “What I Do Is Not Up To You.”

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