Squints Sandlot Costume

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Fans of old films are sure to delight in a Squints Sandlot costume.

Squints is a character in the film, Sandlot. In this movie, Squints wears black glasses with horn rims and Coke-bottle lenses. Because he squints a lot to be able to see, he is given the nickname Squints.

A lover of baseball just like the rest of his friends at the Sandlot, Squints is a vibrant and memorable character who runs the bases alongside them.

He is something of a smart aleck, known to love telling stories and embellishing their facts to make them larger than life.

You’ll Need:

  1. Striped Short Sleeves T-Shirt
  2. Black Hat
  3. Fake Glasses
  4. Blue Jeans
  5. Baseball Glove
  6. White Converse

DIY Squints Sandlot Costume Guide

A Squints Sandlot costume is a perfect choice for any fans of baseball and of old movies. The film centers around a young group of friends who grew up near the Sandlot in the San Fernando Valley.

When Squints plays baseball, he wears casual clothes. Your Squints Sandlot costume will consist of easy-to-find pieces of apparel.

This includes a striped crew-neck tee shirt, specifically orange and yellow. He wears a black hat and a pair of standard straight-leg blue jeans.

Squints is not complete without his thick, black horn-rimmed glasses, so be sure you get a pair of those. On his feet, he wears a pair of white high-top Converse shoes.

To complete the look, wear a baseball glove on your hand. You can carry with you a signed ball as well.

Squints Sandlot Cosplay Costume

This coming-of-age movie shows the kids hitting the baseball diamond often, one of them being Squints in his striped shirt.

The cosplay is a simple and straightforward one consisting of casual pieces that you may already have in your closet.

Because of the simplistic nature of the costume, it is a good budget cosplay for those who want something cheap and easy to throw together. It makes for a good last-minute costume idea for wearing to conventions or Halloween parties.

To increase your cosplay, call your friends to dress like Smalls, Benny, Ham, and Wendy Peffercorn and put the team back together!

Squints Sandlot Costume

About Squints from The Sandlot

Born Michael Palledorous, Squints is the grandson of a retired police chief. He is thought to be the meanest man who ever lived and is where the story of the Beast originated from.

Squints grew up in the San Fernando Valley and lived near the sandlot. He is known to have a knack for storytelling, especially when it comes to Mr. Mertle, the owner of the Beast.

He is a sarcastic person who sometimes gets himself in trouble. The most famous case is when he pretends to drown at a local pool to get the female lifeguard to put her lips to his.

Even so, Squints remains a lighthearted character who doesn’t share the same traits as the man. It makes him a beloved character from the movie.

Squints Costume | The Sandlot| Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Squints?

1. “Mom, guess what!”

2. “It’s about time, Benny. My clothes are going out of style!”

3. “Throw that hat in there, man.”

4. “Count on it, pee-drinking crapface!”

5. “I’ve got a lot of things on my mind.”

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