Last-Minute Shrek Costume

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  1. Shrek T-Shirt
  2. Shrek Vest
  3. Brown Pants
  4. Green Bodypaint
  5. Shrek Mask
  6. Fake BellyPad
  7. Slip-On Loafers

Easy DIY Shrek Costume Guide

None of us can ever forget Shrek, the titular protagonist of the book of the same name, and the film series (The Shrek Franchise) by DreamWorks Animation. He is also associated with the musical based on the films. Portrayed as a green humanoid ogre, he is a character who stole the hearts of many. American author William Steig created him and was initially voiced by the talented Chris Farley, followed by Mike Myers.

To dress like Shrek, first, prepare a fake belly pad, which will help you gain the overall bulk of an ogre.\Next, procure a Shrek T-shirt portraying his simple and swamp-ish lifestyle. Over this goes his cracked brown vest, which matches the color of the pants. Now, get a pair of brown leggings. Moving on, find yourself a brown belt to wrap around your waistline. Get a matching pair of dark brown loafers to go with it! Finally, you must purchase a Shrek Mask Helmet to decorate yourself. Don’t forget to use lime green body paint, either!

About Shrek From The Shrek Franchise

Before he met the most important beings in his life, Donkey and Fiona, Shrek lived an isolated life in his swamp. This was primarily due to the people’s fear of him, which he used to frighten away intruders.

Shrek becomes an entirely different ogre after realizing his feelings for Fiona and confessing his love for her during Lord Farquaad’s wedding. After this, he fiercely protects her and his allies, going to great lengths to help them. Following his marriage to Fiona, though, Shrek grows afraid of the prospect of having children. But by the end, he overcomes this fear and proves to everyone how much of a caring and loving father he can be.

What I love the most about Shrek is his character; he shows such immense and realistic development throughout the story that you can’t help but root for him. It shows that even a monster can steal your heart if written right!

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