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A Sammy Lawrence costume is guaranteed to freak out unsuspecting onlookers while also dazzling all horror-loving Bendy fans.

We are talking about the Ink form of Sammy Lawrence, the unsavory result of his ink corruption following his addiction to the Ink Machine’s ink bottles. 

Due to this, he loses all his sanity with regards to the character Bendy and goes on to horrifically sacrifice his former employees like Norman and Dave…

Don’t think he is anything like his human personality! Sammy is definitely fanatical and mentally unstable, even coming across as straight-up psychotic and unhinged.

His gruesome inky look gives the signal for all bystanders to just run. Will they be able to escape his deadly grasp? Unlikely!

You’ll Need:

  1. Compression Shirt
  2. Bendy and The Ink Machine Accessory Kit
  3. Straight Fit Pants
  4. Bendy Axe
  5. Yellow Suspenders
  6. Work Shoes
  7. Black Gloves
  8. Black Spray Paint

DIY Sammy Lawrence Costume Guide

Sammy became a top topic for his unique demonic look, boasting a rare color combination of black and yellow. 

The bright yellow and shiny black attire makes him stand out among other monsters and has become a terrifying yet badass look for fans.

Start with a black compression shirt, and follow it up with yellow pants that sport a rather loose-fit. Don’t forget to get yourself a pair of yellow suspenders of the same color to match the pants.

Put on a pair of black gloves as well, don’t let your normal skin be seen! Next, secure some black shoes or boots for your feet.

The icing on this cake, however, is the smiling Bendy mask. You can’t get this one wrong! Don’t forget to coat the mask with a thin layer of matching yellow paint; the messier the better.

Finally, get Sammy Lawrence’s trademark ax to complete the outfit.

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Sammy Lawrence Cosplay Costume

In recent times, Sammy Lawrence has become a horror game icon. His gruesome manner has clear indications of his maddening state, thanks to the unnatural corruption.

If you loved Bendy and the Ink Machine, The Old Song and The Last Reel, this cosplay is the one for you!

Horror is not a genre for everyone, but the cultured practitioners would instantly acknowledge Sammy Lawrence’s charm. His ensemble is relatively easy to make and can be done with minimal expenses too.

Why not try a group cosplay featuring characters from the whole Bendy franchise? When Halloween around over, you and your friends can deliver thrills and chills around the entire neighborhood!

Have your friends dress up as Norman and Dave, now you have your two sacrifices ready! No matter which function you go to, nobody will forget this almost-satanic ritual!

Sammy Lawrence Costume

About Sammy Lawrence

This horrific being is the ink form of Sammy Lawrence following his ink-corruption. He now worships the Ink Demon as his lord and savior, routinely offering sacrifices to appease him.

He also suffers from severe memory loss, to the point that he even forgets what he was talking about mid-sentence. Imagine not even remembering your significant other or the color of your own hair…

Henry is the only one who at least seems familiar to him, but he gets disregarded pretty darn quickly.

Sammy is now an insane shadow of his former self. If his disturbing voice change wasn’t terrifying enough, try on his angry tone with added demonic effect!

What is the most famous quote from Sammy Lawrence?

1. “I said, can I get an amen?”

2. “So first, Joey installs this Ink Machine over our heads. “

3. “Every artistic person has needed a sanctuary.”

4. “He appears from the shadows to rain his sweet blessings upon me.”

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